Horacio López de la Rosa

Argentinean composer born in Buenos Aires on October 26, 1933; died in Buenos Aires on September 9, 1986. He began his musical formation at the Conservatorio Nacional, where he later served as a professor. He studied piano with Orestes Castronuovo and composition with Julián Bautista. He continued his studies in humanities in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in Madrid under a scholarship from the Instituto de Cultura Hispana. He served as president of the Asociación de Jóvenes Compositores. Since 1958 he served as faculty member of National and Provincial conservatories in Argentina. His compositional career spans over three decades and he has been the recipient of many awards, such as the Premio Santa Teresa for his Seis piezas on a theme from Augusto Rattenbach, Op. 33, in the Fourth Certamen Nacional de Música de Organo in Ávila, Spain.