Guillermo Espinosa-Biography

Guillermo Espinosa




The history of XXth century Latin American art music would not be
the same without the maverick figure of Guillermo Espinosa

                            Aurelio de la Vega, Cuban composer

Espinosa in Europe / Espinosa in the Americas

Guillermo Espinosa (1905-1990), one of the mostimportant figures in Latin American music of the 20th century, was born in Cartagena, Colombia. After completing studies in Europe (Italy, Germany,and Switzerland), Espinosa returned to Colombia where he embarked on a LatinAmerican tour that marked the beginning of his extraordinary career throughout the Americas. He moved to Washington D.C. to assume duties as anofficial of the Pan American Union, an organization instrumental in thedevelopment of performances, editions and commissions of new music of theAmericas.

The career of Guillermo Espinosa was marked by a tirelessdevotion to promoting Latin American music, and exchanges between musicians ofthe Americas. He is best known for founding the Inter-American Festivals ofWashington, D.C.

The Collection, which is currently a work inprogress, includes important items that illustrate Espinosa's endeavors. Somescores, books and recordings can be found in IUCAT, while others are currently inthe process of being cataloged. Newspaper clippings, concert programs,pictures, letters, invitations and other rare items of restricted access arealso part of the collection.

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