Guillermo Espinosa Collection




The LAMC is pleased to announce the first stage of the Catalog of Guillermo Espinosa's Personal Collection of scores, recordings, professional papers, and memorabilia. In this manner the Center pays homage to one of the most important figures in Latin American music of the 20th century on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The career of Guillermo Espinosa was marked by a tireless devotion to the promotion of Latin American music and to the exchanges between musicians of the Americas. He is best known for the Inter-American Festivals in Washington, D.C. Many important careers and institutional developments were furthered through his efforts, but he remains still a relatively unexamined figure in the field. Mrs. Lucille Espinosa donated the main part of the collection in 1992, and kept adding to it until her death in 2004. The Center hopes the online catalog will encourage a fresh view of this extraordinary musician, now that new musicology provides tools for the understanding of the immense impact that performers and entrepreneurs have in the destinies of musical creativity.