Carlos Colón Quintana

Composer born in El Salvador in 1966.  Due to political conflicts in his home country he was forced to migrate to Guatemala at the age of 14, where he studied music with Jorge Sarmientos at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música y Arte Escénico.  In 1986 he received a scholarship to continue his musical studies at Belmont University where he completed a BM, and in 1993 he received a MM from Baylor University.  Some of the compositions discussed in his Master’s Thesis "Solo Piano Music by Representative Central American Composers" can be found in our collection.  Colón Quintana specializes in orchestral and choral compositions, and his work has been performed in festivals in the United States, China, El Salvador, Cuba and other countries.  In September 2009 he received the ASCAP and the ASCAPLUS awards.  He has also been an artist in residence for the Browning Festival held in May at Baylor University.