Trombone Artistic Activity Fund

The Trombone Artistic Activity Fund, TAAF, was founded during the festivities surrounding Professor M. Dee Stewart's 70th birthday celebration in October 2005, and is managed by the Indiana University Foundation. The stated goals of TAAF are to help enable activities designed to promote and enhance the tradition of excellence in trombone pedagogy and performance at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

The trombone department at the Jacobs School consists of around 45 undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world, providing a stimulating environment where individual students can develop amonst his or her peers, who are among the top trombone students in the country. Students are exposed to high performance standards through the faculty's studio teaching, master classes, and presentations by guest artists. The department has hosted trombonists of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Professors Jiggs Whigham, Albert Zuijderduin, Edward Kleinhammer, R. Douglas Wright, Sam Burtist, Joe Alessi, Blair Bollinger, Alex Iles, and others.

You can help us by contributing to the Trombone Artistic Activity Fund (TAAF). For further information on this endowed fund, please contact the Trombone Faculty or the Development Office.