For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign

Jacobs School of Music Bicentennial Campaign Case Statement

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Our Mission

The IU Jacobs School of Music is a world-renowned center of musical excellence poised to become a global force for creative expression in the 21st century and beyond.

Our Campaign

As part of For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, the Jacobs School of Music has set a goal of raising $110 million by 2020—raising over 66% to date.

Visionary donor and longtime friend of the school, David H. Jacobs, announced a $20 million gift to the Jacobs School at the university-wide bicentennial campaign kickoff in September 2015 to help propel the campaign forward.

“Our relationship with David is, by far, his greatest gift to us,” said Jacobs Dean Gwyn Richards. “His desire to support our mission is surpassed only by his generosity of spirit. This exceptional gift places within our reach aspirational goals we have in performance, pedagogy, and scholarship. Beyond his extraordinary generosity, David is truly an inspiration through his leadership, passion, and partnership with the school.”

Campaign Goals and Priorities:

The main priorities of the Jacobs School's campaign focus on four goals: student scholarship, faculty excellence, facilities and technology, and innovation.

  • Student support through an increase in undergraduate and graduate scholarship. This allows the Jacobs School to attract and cultivate the most exceptional young talent from across the world. 

  • Continue and increase its long history of unrivaled faculty excellence. Some of the most accomplished performing artists and music educators today are on the Jacobs School faculty. The creation of new endowed faculty positions will allow for this legacy to continue. 

  • Maintaining and updating the existing facilities with the most current technological advances provides students with unparalleled opportunities.

  • Focus on innovative programs, like Project Jumpstart—a program helping to create multifaceted young artists in the global marketplace. These innovative programs guide students to see all aspects of a viable performing and teaching career in the changing music industry. 

Through the help of many visionaries, the Jacobs School creates a diverse and unique environment, positively changing the lives of individuals and communities across the globe through musical performance and study. 

Guiding Values of the Campaign:
  • Creating a unique and unparalleled learning and musical experience by combining the prowess of a conservatory with the broad academic offerings of a major university

  • Concentrating on merit/academic excellence and scholarship support, emphasizing students’ growth in key areas, such as learning, discovery, creativity, and engagement

  • Allowing students opportunities for personal growth and self-examination that lead to greater student success

  • Collaborating with other arts institutions both domestically and globally

  • Realizing the contributions of our donors as they make an investment in Jacobs, ultimately combining their vision with the school’s mission to invest in society’s future.

These goals and values have helped position the Jacobs School of Music as the preeminent model of an agile and responsive center of musical excellence, remaining vital throughout the new millennium and beyond. 

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