Instrument Rental

Instrument Rental

The due date for the Spring Semester is Friday, May 1st.

The Instrument Rental Office will be open from 9am to 4pm on Thursday, February 6th.

  • Instruments and accessories are available to all Jacobs School of Music students free of charge (student ID card, student ID number, local address and phone number required) and may be used for major ensemble requirements, lessons, recitals, as a temporary replacement for a personal instrument in need of repair, or when requested by your applied instrumental music professor.
  • Instruments and accessories are also available to non-music majors taking courses in the Jacobs School of Music (student ID card, student ID number, local address and phone number required) for a fee of $20 per semester.  In sharing situations, music majors take priority on all loans/rentals.
  • Instruments may be available to prospective students auditioning for the Jacobs School of Music.  Contact the Instrument Rental Office for further information.
  • Instruments and accessories are issued during three periods per year – Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Sessions.  Items may be checked out beginnng one week prior to the beginning of each rental period.

  • Fees apply for lost or damaged instruments and accessories and for any violation of a signed contract.  Please see the bottom of this page for details.

  • The Instrument Rental Office (MA410) supplies personal lockers for double bass and tuba storage only.  All other empty locker requests can be submitted to the Music Facilities Office in Simon 031 (M031) using the locker contract form.

  • Each instrument borrowed from the Instrument Rental Office is issued with a locker and a lock.  All instruments are to be stored in the provided lockers when not in use.

  • School of Music instruments and accessories are to be used for School of Music sanctioned functions only and should otherwise not be taken off campus.

  • All items must be returned to MA410 in the condition in which they were issued before the due date.  Any damage to borrowed items must be reported to the Instrument Rental Office immediately.  The Instrument Rental Office will make arrangements for repairs.  Charges will be assessed for all repairs, cleaning and/or replacement of items if it is deemed that the damage was caused by negligence.

  • Each person checking out an instrument or accessory must return the instrument in person.  Do not ask someone else to turn the item in for you.

  • Only the person listed on the contract should be using the instrument.  Do not give out locker information to other people.