Instrument Rental

Equipment Check-out

The due date for the Spring Semester is Friday, May 1st.


Guidelines for Equipment Check-out  (Please read further details here.)

  • Student ID card, student ID number, local address and phone number are required for all loans and rentals.
  • Drop by the Music Annex (MA - the round music building near Sycamore Hall and the Musical Arts Center) room 410 to inquire about the use of an instrument and/or accessory, including lockers for double bass and tuba.  (Other lockers are available from Music Facilities.)
  • Items are generally distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.  We reserve the right to hold certain instruments for certain performances based on the needs of Jacobs School of Music ensembles.
  • Pick up your contract in MA410, read the contract carefully, initial and sign at the bottom.
  • You will receive a copy of the contract to keep for your information. The return date, the locker location, the lock information and office contact information will be indicated on your copy.  Do not misplace this form as it has your personal information on it as well as the locker information.
  • The instrument/accessory is to be used for IU Jacobs School of Music sanctioned functions only.
  • Each instrument is distributed with an assigned locker.
  • Instruments should be kept in the assigned locker when not in use. Multiple users may be assigned to the instrument at any time.  If multiple users are assigned to the instrument you will be notified by e-mail.
  • One must be an IU Jacobs School of Music registered student at the time of need in order to check out an instrument or accessory.
  • No instrument or accessory may be checked out by one person and then used by another.  Each person using the instrument should have a contract on file in the Instrument Rental Office