Instrument Rental

Equipment Check-out Detail

Please do…

  • Keep the instrument in its assigned locker. We occasionally have to share instruments with other students or borrow instruments for emergency situations
  • Keep the instrument and lock secure at all times.  Changing just one number on the combination lock isn’t very secure because everyone knows this time-saving trick
  • Let us know immediately if the item sustains any damage. Small problems can easily become major issues if left alone.
  • Swab the instrument out (woodwinds), empty slides (brass) and wipe the instrument down (all) after each use
  • Rinse your mouth before using a wind instrument Brushing is even better!
  • Loosen the bow hair after each use (string instruments).  Leaving the bow hair tightened can damage the bow permanently
  • Maintain the instrument while it is in your care
  • Ask for an extension on your contract if you need the item beyond the due date listed on your contract
  • Check it in if you’re not using it so that others may use it.

Please do not…

  • Take the instrument off campus.  IU’s insurance is only good on campus (this reduces the insurance costs) so the user becomes solely responsible for the instrument’s repair or replacement if it is taken off campus.
  • Leave the instrument unattended at any time.
  • Change just one number on the combination locks for quick access.
  • Eat or drink while using the instrument (woodwinds & brass).  Food particles can destroy a wind instrument.
  • Attempt to repair the instrument on your own – bring it to MA410 immediately if it is damaged or working improperly
  • Lose your copy of the contract.  It has your personal information on it and it has the location and combination of your loaned item