Instrument Rental

Equipment Check-in Detail

Please do…

  • Return the item(s) on or before the due date listed on the contract
  • Clean the instrument, or accessory before returning it to MA410
  • Wipe it down thoroughly, wash the mouthpiece (keep any cork dry)
  • Remove all rosin, hand oil, practice tape, practice tape glue, etc.  Fees apply if the instrument comes back in need of cleaning.
  • Bring the lock (combination locks) or the key (keyed locks)
  • Let us know (verbally or in writing) if the instrument needs adjustment or repair
  • Remove your personal items (including used reeds and trash) from the case and locker
  • Coordinate the return with the other user(s) before returning the item if you're sharing with another student
  • Ask for an extension into Finals Week if necessary

 Please do not...

  • Give the instrument to someone else to return for you.
  • Leave the instrument with another office (other than MA410) and expect them to take care of it for you.
  • Leave the instrument in the locker and expect someone else to pick it up for you
  • Wait until the last minute