Friends of Music

  Endowments & Scholarships

 The IU Jacobs School of Music is grateful to those patrons who have generously
provided support in the past. View a listing of endowed and annual funds below.
You may also view a listing of scholarships and funds organized by instruments
and departments here.

Endowed Chairs, Directorships, and Professorships

Violette Verdy and Kathy Ziliak Anderson Chair in Ballet
Pam & Jack Burks Professorship
Linda C. and Jack M. Gill Chair in Violin
Jack I. & Dora B. Hamlin Endowed Chair in Piano
David Henry Jacobs Bicentennial Deanship
David H. Jacobs Chair in Music
Ted Jones Executive Director of Production at the Musical Arts Center Fund
Wennerstrom-Phillips Music Library Directorship
Dorothy Richard Starling Chair in Violin Studies
Henry A. Upper Chair of Orchestral Conducting 
Robert J. Waller Sr. and Robert J. Waller Jr. Professorship of Jazz
Dean Charles H. Webb Chair in Music

Endowed Scholarships

William Adam Trumpet Scholarship
Valerie Adams Memorial Scholarship
Gary J. and Kathy Z. Anderson Scholarship in Music Excellence
Willi Apel Early Music Fund
Martha & Fred Arto Music Scholarship
The Aungst Scholarship
Stephen A. Backer Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. Wilfred C. Bain Music Alumni Association Scholarship
Wilfred C. Bain Opera Scholarship
David N. Baker Jazz Scholarship
David Baker, Jr. Jazz Scholarship
Anthony and Olimpia Barbera Latin American Music Scholarship Fund
Louise Bass and James Mellichamp Organ Scholarship
Earl O. Bates Memorial Scholarship
Eric D. Batterman Memorial Scholarship
Because You Want To Be Here Scholarship
Achasa Beechler Music Scholarship
William Bell Memorial Fund
Colleen Benninghoff Music Scholarship
Leonard Bernstein Scholarship Fund
John E. Best Scholarship Fund
Thomas Beversdorf Memorial Scholarship
Harriett Block Operatic Scholarship
Mary R. Book Music Scholarship Fund
Ruth Boshkoff Scholarship
Fred Wilkins and Richard W. Bosse Flute Scholarship 
Julia Brabson Scholarship Fund
Brass Instrument Scholarship
The Frances A. Brockman Scholarship in Music
Alonzo and Mary Louise Brummett Scholarship in Music
Sylvia Feibelman Budd and Clarence Budd Scholarship
Marjorie J. Buell Scholarship
Vivian N. Humphreys Bundy Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Dorothy Knowles Bush and Russell Jennings Bush Piano Scholarship
The Camerata Scholarship
The John and June Canfield Bloomington Pops Scholarship Fund
Joan and Marvin Carmack Scholarship
Susan Cartland-Bode Scholarship
Susan Cartland-Bode Performance Excellence Scholarship
Walter Cassel Memorial Scholarship
Alan Chepregi Memorial Scholarship
Lucy and Samuel Chu Piano Scholarship
Emma E. Claus Scholarship Fund
Patricia Sorensen Cox Memorial Scholarship
Ray E. Cramer Graduate Scholarship
Ray Cramer Scholarship
Donna and Jean Creek Scholarship
Donna and Jean Creek Scholarship in Voice
Jean and Doris Creek Scholarship in Trumpet
Mavis McRae Crow Music Scholarship Fund
T.F. and Emma A. Culver Scholarship Fund
The Alfonso D'Emilia Scholarship Fund
Jeanette Davis Fund
Pete DeLone Memorial Scholarship
Gayl W. Doster Scholarship in Music
Rotislav Dubinsky Music Scholarship
Frederick Ebbs Memorial Scholarship Fund
David Eissler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ruth L. Elias Scholarship Fund
Merle Evans Scholarship
Philip Farkas Horn Scholarship
Eleanor Fell Scholarship Fund
Rose and Irving Fell Violin Scholarship
William and Marcia Fox Scholarship
Janie Fricke Scholarship Fund for Aspiring Musicians
Joseph Nathan Garton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bill and Mary Gasser Scholarship/Fellowship Endowment Fund
Glenn Gass Scholarship 
Cary M. Gerber Scholarship Fund
Richard C. Gigax Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gignilliat Music Scholarship Fund
Linda Challis Gill and Jack M. Gill Music Scholarship Fund
Gladys Gingold Memorial Scholarship Fund
Josef Gingold Violin Scholarship Fund
Charles Gorham Trumpet Scholarship
Arthur and Ena Grist Scholarship Fund
Martin Eliot Grey Scholarship
Montana L. Grinstead Endowment Fund
Murray Grodner Double Bass Scholarship
Wayne Hackett Memorial Harp Scholarship Fund
The Margaret H. Hamlin Scholarship
Margaret Harshaw Scholarship
Russell A. Havens Music Scholarship Fund
Bernhard Heiden Scholarship Fund
Jascha Heifetz Scholarship Fund
Eva Heinitz Scholarship Fund
William Gammon Henry, Jr. Scholarship
Dorothy L. Herriman Scholarship Fund
Margaret E. Hillis Memorial Scholarship in Choral Conducting
Mark H. Hindsley Award for Symphonic Band
Ernest Hoffzimmer Scholarship Fund
Leonard Hokanson Chamber Music Scholarship
William S. and Emma S. Horn Scholarship Fund
Harry and Ruth Houdeshel Memorial Flute Scholarship
Bruce Hubbard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dwan Hublar Music Education Scholarship
Lawrence P. Hurst Medal in Double Bass
Barbara and David Jacobs Scholarship
Jacobs Bicentennial Scholars and Fellows in Honor of Charles H. Webb
David Henry Jacobs Music Scholarship
Jacobs School of Music International Overseas Study Scholarship 
Eva Janzer Memorial Fund
Wilma Jensen Organ Scholarship
Freda and Walter Kaufmann Prize in Musicology
Marilyn Keiser Organ Scholarship
Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship
Klinefelter Scholarship Fund
Howard and Linda Klug Clarinet Scholarship
Eugene J. and Eleanor J. Knapik Fund
Lucie M. Kohlmeier Music Scholarship in Voice
George and Elizabeth Krueger Scholarship Fund
Michael Kuttner Music Education Fund
Robert LaMarchina Music Scholarship
Sara J. and Robert F. LeBien Scholarship
Martha Lipton Scholarship
Brenda Bailey and G. William Little, Jr. Scholarship
Brenda Bailey and G. William Little, Jr. Voice Scholarship
Jay Lovins Memorial Scholarship Fund
P. E. MacAllister Scholarship in Voice
John Mack Memorial Scholarship in Oboe
Wilda Gene Marcus Piano Scholarship
Jay Mark Scholarship in Music
Georgia Marriott Scholarship
Arthur W. Mason Musical Scholarship Fund
Susan Sukman McCray Scholarship
Susann McDonald Harp Study Fund
Katherine V. McFall Scholarship Fund
B. Winfred Merrill Scholarship Fund
Otto Miessner Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Nathan A. and Margaret Culver Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hoff Mitchell Scholarship
Peter Steed Moench Scholarship
Marcel Mule Scholarship Fund
Nellie Woods Myers Scholarship
The Ben Nathanson Scholarship
Nina Neal Scholarship Fund
Robert Erland Neal Music Scholarship
Bernard Opperman Memorial Fund
Juan Orrego-Salas Scholarship Fund
Namita Pal Commemorative Award Fund
Jason Paras Memorial Fund
Marie Alice and Gilbert Peart Scholarship
James and Helen Pellerite Flute Scholarship
Jackie Pemberton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Doris Klausing Perry Scholarship
Harvey Phillips Memorial Scholarship
George E. Powell, III Scholarship
Garry Lee and Nancy Gray Puckett Scholarship
Mary and Oswald Ragatz Organ Scholarship
Stanley Ransom Scholarship in Voice
Robert C. Rayfield Memorial Scholarship
The Dorothy Rey Scholarship
Gwyn Richards Scholarship
Agnes Davis Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund
John P. Richardson Jr. Violin Scholarship
RedStepper Scholarship
Naomi Ritter Scholarship
Walter and Dorothy Robert Scholarship Fund
Nicola Rossi-Lemeni Memorial Scholarship Fund
Louise Roth Scholarship Fund
Leonard & Maxine Ryan Memorial Fund
Rosetta Samarotto Memorial Scholarship
Roy and Mary Samuelsen Scholarship
Richard J. Schilling Collaborative Piano Scholarship in Honor of Charles H. Webb
Lee Edward Schroeder Endowed Scholarship
Scott Schurz Music Scholarship
Judith Hansen-Schwab Singing Hoosiers Scholarship
György Sebők Scholarship in Piano
Ruth Parr Septer Scholarship Fund
Terry C. Shirk Memorial Scholarship Fund
Shulz Memorial Fund
Jerry E. Sirucek Memorial Scholarship
Samuel and Martha Siurua Scholarship Fund
Susan Slaughter Trumpet Scholarship
Charles W. Slinkard Music Scholarship
János Starker Cello Scholarship
Charlotte Steinwedel Scholarship
Evelyn P. Stier Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward M. Stochowicz Memorial Scholarship
Douglas and Margaret Strong Scholarship
Mark Sudeith Collaborative Piano Scholarship
Harry Sukman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert D. Sullivan Music Scholarship
Elsie I. Sweeney Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Schaefer Tenreiro Scholarship Fund
Marcie Tichenor Scholarship
Hans and Alice B. Tischler Endowment
Andy and Celicia Upper Scholarship
Roe Van Boskirk Memorial Scholarship in Piano Fund
Carl G. and Mazelle Van Buskirk Memorial Scholarship Fund
The William J. and Betty J. Wampler Scholarship
Charles H. Webb Music Scholarship Fund
Anna Weber Endowment Fund
Wennerstrom-Phillips Piano Scholarship
Lawrence R. and Vera I. White Music Scholarship
Kenneth C. Whitener Fund for Ballet Excellence
Beth Stoner Wiegand Endowed Clarinet Scholarship
Camilla Williams Voice Scholarship
Robert E. Williams Singing Hoosiers Scholarship
Madge Wilson Music Scholarship Fund
Marjorie Schlamp Winters Harp Scholarship Fund
Janet Corday Won Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Woodwind and The Brasswind Scholarship Fund
Mildred F. Yoder Scholarship
Steve Zegree Vocal Jazz Scholarship
Asher G. Zlotnik Scholarship
Lennart A. Von Zweygberg Cello Scholarship

Endowed Fellowships

Jamey and Sara Aebersold Jazz Fellowship
Joseph Battista Fellowship in Piano
Julia Beth Brabson Memorial Fellowship
Bill and Mary Gasser Scholarship/Fellowship Endowment Fund
Ellen Cash Gignilliat Graduate Fellowship
St. Luke's UMC/Goulding & Wood Organ Scholarship
Georgia Wash Holbeck Fellowship
Barbara and David Jacobs Fellowship
David Henry Jacobs International Overseas Study Musicology Fellowship
Georgina Joshi International Fellowship
Georgina Joshi Fellowship
Mack H. Kay Scholarship for Excellence in Jazz Composition
Peter and Monika Kroener Dean's International Fellowship in Music
Bernardo and Johanna Mendel Graduate Scholarship for the School of Music
Dr. Frederick and Mary Moffatt Freeburne Teaching Fellowship
Jack and Marilyn Moore Graduate Flute Fellowship
Cole and Kate Porter Memorial Fellowship
Mary Coffman Tilton Harpsichord Fellowship
The Giorgio Tozzi Scholarship
Wennerstrom Music Theory Associate Instructor Fellowship
Carol A. Wingler Memorial Fellowship Fund

Annual Scholarships

Aronoff Percussion Scholarship
Robert Carwithen Music Foundation Scholarship
The Friday Musicale Scholarship
Alex Kerr Violin Merit Award
Virginia MacWatters Abee Scholarship
Opera Illinois League Scholarship
Walter and Rosalee Pierce Scholarship in Organ
The Ildebrando Pizzetti Memorial Scholarship
The Presser Foundation Scholarship and the Presser Music Award
The Sally W. Rhodes Scholarship
Sarah Joan Tuccelli-Gilbert Memorial Fellowship in Voice
Avedis Zildjian Percussion Scholarship

Other Funds

Jamey Aebersold Jazz Combo Fund
David N. Baker Visiting Artist Series
Ballet Department Fund
Ballet Shoe Fund
Artur Balsam Chamber Music Project
Band Centennial Fund
Olimpia Barbera Recording Fund for the Latin American Music Center
Brass Department Fund
A. Peter Brown and Carol V. Brown Research Travel Fund
Peter Burkholder and Doug McKinney Musicology Fund 
The Elizabeth Burnham Music Instrument Maintenance Fund
The Carillon Fund
Robert L. Carpenter Fund
Austin B. Caswell Award
Choral Conducting Department Enhancement Fund
Composition Department Fund
The Cook Band Building Fund
Dean's Fund
IU Children's Choir Fund
Jazz Double Bass Studio Fund
Jack and Stephany Dunfee Musical Arts Center Fund 
Stephen A. Ehrlich Autograph Collection 
The Guillermo Espinosa Endowment Fund
Fairview Elementary School String Project
Fairview Elementary School String Project II
Five Friends Master Class Series
Frederick A. Fox Composition Scholarship
Robert Gatewood Opera Fund

International Harp Competition
Julius and Hanna Herford Fund
Mark H. Hindsley Endowed Fund for Symphonic Band
Historical Performance Institute Fund
Instrument Acquisition Fund
David Henry Jacobs Bicentennial Discretionary Fund
Jacobs Endowment in Music
Barbara and David Jacobs School of Music Enhancement Fund
Georgina Joshi Composition Commission Award
Georgina Joshi Fund
Georgina Joshi Handelian Performance Fund
Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio Fund
James and Kathie Lazerwitz Visiting Artists Fund
Ethel Louise Lyman Memorial Fund
Marching Hundred Hall Fund
Marching Hundred Instrument Fund
Mary Justine McClain Opera Theater Fund
Susann McDonald Fund
Menke/Webb/Sturgeon, Inc. Fund
Lou and Sybil Mervis String Quartet Fund
The Arthur R. Metz Carillonneur Fund
Department of Music Education Fund
Music Library Fund
Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature Endowment Fund
Music Theory Fund
Department of Musicology Fund
Otto Notthacksberger Memorial Fund
On Your Toes Fund
Opera Production Fund
Organ Department Fund
Harvey Phillips Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Composition Contest
Piano Department Fund
Stephen Pratt Retirement Performance Commission Fund
Project Jumpstart Fund
Redstepper Fund
Michael L. Schwartzkopf Singing Hoosiers Fund
Maidee H. and Jackson A. Seward Organ Fund
Singing Hoosiers Endowment
Singing Hoosiers Travel Fund
Jean Sinor Memorial Lecture Series
Strings Department Fund
Donald Louis Tavel Memorial Fund
Trombone Artistic Activity Fund
John Vickers Film Scoring Award
Vocal Jazz Ensemble Fund
Charles and Kenda Webb Music Excellence Fund
Mary Wennerstrom Phillips and Leonard M. Phillips Endowment Fund
Laura S. Youens-Wexler Musicology Travel Fund

The Society of the Friends of Music

Society of the Friends of Music, Annual Scholarships
Society of the Friends of Music, Scholarship Endowment
David Albright Memorial Scholarship
The David E. Albright & Mary Ruth Albright Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Margaret K. Bachman Friends of Music Piano Scholarship
Patsy Fell-Barker Scholarship in honor of my family
Robert M. Barker Scholarship in honor of Patsy Fell-Barker
Thomas J. Beddow and Joseph W. Nordloh Memorial Scholarship
Alan P. Bell Memorial Scholarship
George A. Bilque, Jr. Friends of Music Scholarship
Helen and Leland Butler Friends of Music Scholarship
Eleanor Jewell Byrnes Friends of Music Piano Scholarship
Marvin Carmack Friends of Music Scholarship
Anita Hursh Cast Friends of Music Scholarship
Cristini Friends of Music Scholarship Fund
Patsy Earles Friends of Music Scholarship
Robert A. Edwards Scholarship
Marianne V. Felton Scholarship in Voice
Richard S. and Jeanne Hardy Forkner Friends of Music Scholarship
Joyce and Jim Grandorf Friends of Music Scholarship
Marjorie Gravit Friends of Music Scholarship
Marjorie F. Gravit Friends of Music Piano Scholarship
Friends of Music Haddawi Scholarship
Haddawi and Schurz Friends of Music Guarantor Scholarship
Lawrence and Celeste Hurst Friends of Music Scholarship
Perry J. Maull Friends of Music Travel Fund
Alice V. Jewell Scholarship and David B. Mills Friends of Music Scholarship
Karl and Vera O'Lessker Friends of Music Scholarship
Mary Jane Reilly Friends of Music Scholarship
Dagmar K. Riley Friends of Music Scholarship
Samuel E. Ross Friends of Music Scholarship
Dr. Richard Schilling—Ruth Tourner FOM Voice Scholarship
Scott C. and Kathryn Schurz Latin American Scholarship
Scott C. and Kathryn Schurz Friends of Music Scholarship II
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Shainberg and Mr. and Mrs. David Newman Scholarship
Society of the Friends of Music Fund
Society of the Friends of Music of Indiana University Fund
Ruth E. Thompson Friends of Music Scholarship
Ulrich Weisstein Friends of Music Scholarship in Voice
Kenda Webb Friends of Music Scholarship
Friends of Music Herman B Wells Memorial Scholarship

Planned Gifts

Honor roll of individuals who have included IU Jacobs School of Music in their estate plans.