Friends of Music

Greetings from the President

Dear Members,

Greetings to all Friends of Music members!  As fall approaches and a new season of wonderful concerts and activities at the Jacobs School of Music begins, for me it is not only a time to look forward, but also to look back and reflect on my first year as your board president.

I have been asked by several people why the Society of the Friends of Music exists when anyone can contribute financially to the Jacobs School of Music itself!  In the past year I have refined my answer to that question as I have become more involved with the Friends of Music.

First and foremost, the FOM serves its original mission created in 1964 to raise funds for scholarships for the JSOM students. The FOM maintains a small operating fund, but beyond that all of the money contributed to the FOM goes to student scholarships.  Pursuant to our mission, FOM members work to increase our membership.  Quite simply, the more members, the more money we can provide for scholarships. 

In addition to the financial component, FOM members support the JSOM scholarship students in other ways.  We attend their recitals and concerts, and we organize community concerts at area retirement communities as an outreach effort. 

Many FOM members are retirees from a wide variety of careers and experiences.  It is interesting and inspiring for our members to interact with students at the beginning of their careers and equally inspiring for students to learn from our members.  On an individual level, some lifetime friendships form between FOM members and JSOM students.

Finally, FOM members all clearly have a common interest and the Society has a number of special events each year such as the annual fall gala, spring member appreciation event, and the summer recruitment event where we come together to socialize and celebrate our common interest. At these events we also interact and share experiences with the FOM scholarship recipients.

Looking forward, I encourage all of you to attend as many events at the JSOM as possible during this special bicentennial season. This year’s fall gala on September 7 is actually a celebration of the whole wonderful upcoming season at the Jacobs School of Music. It is an event you won’t want to miss.

And, as always, I welcome your input into our organization.

 –Mary Alice Cox, president