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For our inaugural (November, 2013) Entrepreneur of the Month feature, Project Jumpstart interviewed JSoM alumna Diana Smith Nixon, who started her online business here in Bloomington while still at IU.

Mpingo StudiosShe is now founder of Mpingo studios, on the board of directors of Roundabout Opera for Kids, and initiated Tunaweza Kimuziki (Swahili for “Through Music All is Possible”), a music teaching and exchange program in Kenya, which recently involved JSoM faculty Kim Carballo and Jeff Gershman

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From the Interview... 

Jumpstart: Do you have any words of wisdom for JSoM students who would like to start something entrepreneurial in music?

Diana: Yes! So many! So glad you asked!

    1. The time to start thinking like an entrepreneur and a professional is now! Seriously. Your fellow students in your classes and your ensembles are your future colleagues. Think that way. Treat them that way. Don’t wait until you have a diploma – think that way now.
    2. Be open to opportunities. Life is a really a big mess – don’t force your dreams to work a certain way (they won’t, and you’ll be miserable in the process). Look around for the opportunities and open your mind to the possibilities.
    3. And for those of you already doing 1 and 2: Don’t forget you can’t do everything. There are lots of us creative people who have a hard time actually getting things done (because they get distracted by the next idea). Make smart choices and let go of a few ideas to focus on the top priorities.

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