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Frederic Chiu
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A sought-after pianist, teacher, and gifted entrepreneur, Frederic Chiu has embarked on a career that matches his virtuosic performances with highly innovative projects. Since completing a BM in piano at the Jacobs School with Professor Karen Shaw and a Master’s Degree at the Juilliard School with Abbey Simon, his performing career has taken him to many parts of the world.

Deeper Performance Studies, Chiu’s innovative workshop program, brings pianists together to study aspects of piano playing usually left uncovered. Articles in Piano Today and the New York Times have featured his original approach to learning and performing that draws on ancient traditions of philosophy and meditation combined with recent discoveries in psychology and acoustic sciences, blended with non-traditional activities such as cooking.

In the same innovative spirit, Chiu successfully developed a Kickstarter project to raise funds for the recording of Hymns and Dervishes, a compilation of beautiful and unusual Middle-Eastern music and Western hymns on the piano.

To encourage listener participation, Chiu organizes Classical Smackdown concerts in which audiences are given an opportunity to listen to two composers’ works and then vote for a favorite!

Project Jumpstart recently interviewed Chiu about his views on entrepreneurship and what advice he has for JSoM students.

“There are lots of ideas, but those aren’t innovations. Innovations have to be realized. They have to be fulfilled. You have to do things to get a product and get it out there to people.”

“Collaboration: Once you’ve defined your work, your character, your philosophy you go out there and bump up against others who’ve done the same… That’s where the real incredible creativity comes about.”

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