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Entrepreneurs of the Month

Audio Engineering and
Sound Production Graduates

We’re pleased to introduce the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music 2017 graduates of the Audio Engineering and Sound Production program as our May Entrepreneurs of the Month!

These talented young professionals are fully engaged at the leading edge of technology, music, and culture. With the intensity and rigor of their IU studies behind them, their multiple talents position them well to drive innovation in an ever-evolving industry.

We’re excited to see where their skills and talents take them, and the industry, next.

Meet the Graduates!

Brian Berger

For BRIAN BERGER, an internship at Larson Studios in Los Angeles confirmed his career plan to focus on post-production for film and television after graduating. An award-winning filmmaker and sound-designer in his own right, Brian took advantage of opportunities at IU to develop the technological skills necessary to navigate an ever-changing industry, including serving as Chief Engineer and Station Manager at student radio station WIUX. In addition, Brian undertook collaborative projects with the Media School; assumed a traditional Producer role for an independent project with local musician Kay Krull; and has stretched beyond his comfort zone to compose, perform, and engineer music across genres. .

Jessie BrewerJESSIE BREWER knows where she’s going, and she’s using her time at IU to gather the tools she’ll need to get there. Jessie will complete a BA in Environmental Ethics and Justice with a minor in Communication and Public Advocacy, and a second self-designed minor in Sound for Visual Media. She added an Associate of Science in Recording Arts to her skill set for good measure. Already an experienced documentary filmmaker, Jessie plans to integrate her passions for communication and activism to tell compelling stories that make a difference. She’ll continue achieving her goals through a summer internship at Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco.

Nicholas Collado

NICHOLAS COLLADO is a true 21st Century artist. A BS in Recording Arts with a minor in Telecommunications at IU provided Nick an immersive experience in the analog and digital technologies of the modern storyteller. His art originates at the intersection of different technologies and modalities -- including illustration and game design -- and is designed to elicit an emotional response from his audience. As an engineer and producer, his goal is to help other artists achieve their creative visions.

Walter Everton

WALTER EVERTON completed a BM in Horn Performance and following a summer internship, will earn a second Bachelor degree in Recording Arts. Walter is energized by new possibilities emerging with the growth of surround sound and virtual reality technologies. As a performer and an engineer, he is dedicated to creating immersive experiences for audiences by fully exploring and pushing boundaries in these new audio frontiers.

Meg OchsArmed with ProTools, MEG OCHS started her audio engineering career in middle school when she founded Moonrise Studios in her father’s basement. She continued to explore her passion, and hone her skills, in music and audio engineering at the Jacobs School of Music. An invitation from IU alum Andrew Hey to intern at Harvey Mason Media in Los Angeles provided the opportunity to work post-production on high-profile Hollywood projects. Turns as a Technical Director for IU Opera live video streams gave Meg the skills to make things look good as well as sound good.

Alex SchopaALEX SCHOPA's skills as a producer, engineer, and composer have led to the realization that he is, first and foremost, a collaborator. As an engineer and producer, Alex’s goal is to help artists realize their vision by participating as an integral part of the creative process. He’s further developing skills in visual design and branding to offer full-service creative support to bands and artists.

Collin ThomasAs a producer, engineer, and editor, COLLIN THOMAS is focused on the quality preservation of performance and artistic vision. His audio engineering experience includes work with student-run IU radio station WIUX where he served as Chief Engineer in 2014-15 and was nominated for 2017 Production Director of the Year at the Intercollegiate Broadcast Systems Conference. While at WIUX, he developed and produced an award-winning morning show format featuring live studio performances. This summer, Collin begins his professional career with Public Media Engineering in Chicago, where his first project will be a new studio build in Seattle.

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