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Entrepreneur of the Month: February


Congratulations to the winner of this year's Project Jumpstart Innovation Competition, Stephen Johnson, and runner up Matthew Leone.

Stephen (right), a first year master's musicology student, won with "The Listener's Guide" (TLG), a popular YouTube channel full of fun and engaging videos about classical music. TLG equips new audiences with the tools to understand classical music and encourages them to appreciate and support musical institutions.

Runner-up Matthew Leone (left), a PhD student in musicology, with "Facing the Music", an innovative pre-concert lecture series that brings musical scholarship out of academia and into the concert hall.


The competition final round was hosted by the Kelley School's Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the to the judges were Janette Fishell (Professor of Music in Organ and Chair of the Organ Department), Kathryn Sherman (Winner of the 2015 Innovation Competition), Donald Kuratko (Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business, Executive and Academic Director of the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Travis Brown (Director of Strategic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship at the School of Informatics and Computing), and Monika Herzig (SPEA Senior Lecturer and renowned Jazz Musician).


From left to right, Janette Fishell, Donald Kuratko, Kathryn Sherman, Matthew Leone, Stephen Johnson, Travis Brown, and Monika Herzig.

Kudos to the additional eight semi-finalists and finalists, who presented their very impressive ideas.

Winners Jaime Carini - OnCue Music
* Finalist

OnCue Music is a software program that coordinates the administrative and production activities of a liturgical music director.
Winners Yesong Na - PreA Music
* Finalist

PreA Music is a new portal for innovative music education in 21st Century, teaching improvisation, composition and group projects, encouraging students to grow into confident, curious, driven social and independent adults.
Winners Reuben Walker - The Asher Method
* Finalist

The Asher Method is a process by which performers and composers collaboratively develop musical performances stemming from their varied talents and perspectives.
Winners Oscar Ban - The Marching Arts Forum

The Marching Arts Forum is a network of collegiate organizations that support the development of music and marching educators by providing valued resources.
Winners Rachel Rodgers - Entrepreneur Connection

Entrepreneur Connection is an online platform and mobile application that connects artistic entrepreneurs to like-minded people of a particular expertise, assisting the team building process for innovative ideas and start ups.
Winners Marcus Grant - Enlightened Exhibition

Enlightened Exhibition is a 2-day experiential workshop taking developing musicians on a journey with successful composers, teachers, performers, and music entrepreneurs to discover, embrace, and expand their musical voice.
Winners Nikita Haduong - Music Concierge Service

Music Concierge Service diversifies music consumption by recommending music that caters to your every preference.
Winners Tommy Rorabeck - Department of Modern Music

The Department of Modern Music provides an innovative and relevant performance outlet where students who wish to play popular, modern music can develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s music industry.

Project Jumpstart partners with the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the IU Kelley School of Business.