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The seventh JSoM Innovation Competition took place this past Saturday with eight contestants who presented an impressive variety of proposals. The First Prize of $1,500 went to Austin Pancner (DM, Trombone), with "The Functional Musician". Second Prize of $1,000 went to Luc LaChapelle (MM, Music Scoring and Visual Media), with"Lesson Virtuoso". Third Prize of $500 went to Jordan Plunkett (BSoF, Oboe and Arts Management), with "A Musician's Journal". Hats off to the finalists as well - Hippocrates Cheng, Emma Goulet, Bryan Page, Aron Frank, and Ben Jacob.

Our thanks to The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Kelley School of Business for their assistance and mentoring of the project.
Directed by competition judging chair Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K), the JCEI
has been a steadfast supporter of this competition from its inception. We're also
grateful to the three additional judges this year - Sean Starowitz (City of Bloomington),
Robin Lasek (Director of Communications at the JSoM) and Monika Herzig
(Senior Lecturer in Arts Management at the O'Neill School and jazz entrepreneur).


The Functional Musician | Austin Pancner (Winner)

The Functional Musician offers online health and wellness services dedicated to helping performing musicians develop a holistic approach to life. Through functional strength training, mobility, and sustainable nutrition habits, musicians are taught how to perfectly complement their lives in a way that promotes functionality, body awareness development, and optimizing nutrition. The Functional Musician currently offers subscription services for nutrition coaching and customized workouts based around client goals and needs. The next phase in development is titled “Mobility for Musicians,” a subscription-based service that contains several different components developed around the idea of developing body awareness, reducing tension and pain, and injury prevention.

See Austin's Website here: The Functional Musician


Lesson Virtuoso | Luc LaChapelle (Second Prize)

Lesson Virtuoso is a videoconferencing alternative designed specifically to improve online music lessons. Features will include simultaneous multi-camera and multi-microphone support, real-time digital sheet music annotation, and real-time MIDI keyboard and notation display with chord analysis.


Assistant Principal: A Musician’s Journal | Jordan Plunkett (Third Prize)

A specialized journal that bridges the gap between artistic expression (which tends to be relatively carefree) and strict organization (which is on the structured side). Both are necessary for a serious musician.


Cross-Cultural Music Collective | Hippocrates Cheng (Finalist)

Through the development of a performing ensemble, CCMC encourages Western-classical musicians and scholars to know more about, understand, and appreciate different kinds of music in the world. Among its goals, CCMC encourages local art creation and organizes concert and performance workshops in Hong Kong and U. S. It also promotes both traditional and new music written for a mixed combination of instruments and singers from different cultures.The central goal of CCMC is to promote the idea of “There is no such thing called WORLD music, but music is just music” to the general public and especially to the heavily Western-classical music-driven institution and conservatories around the world in order to voice against the deep-rooted Western-European centric idealism and colonialism.

Read about Hippocrates Cheng and overtone singing

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    Expression | Emma Goulet (Finalist)

    Expression is a collaboration tool for conservatory students that matches the need for performance with opportunities in the community.  Similar to a ‘gig’ service that currently operates out of the Jacobs School of Music (Musical Attractions), Expression takes potential to the next level by harnessing social media platforms, business networks, and the power of a dedicated website. Expression’s integration into the life of the conservatory student enables it to be an education tool that teaches students how to market themselves, how to recognize opportunity in their community.  Likewise, it serves as an entry point for employers looking for high-end musicians to perform at a large variety of events.


    Sostenuto | Bryan Page (Finalist)

    Sostenuto is a media entity that has the mission of bringing attention to the health of our planet by exposing where our ecosystem needs help through the use of musicians and media. The company will produce powerful music videos by bringing exceptional artists to areas that are in a state of environmental devastation. These issues can range from highly polluted beaches to forest fires to oil spills, hurricanes and more. Through cross-posting, partnerships and artist collaboration, Sostenuto will quickly gain a following and combat the difficulties of organic growth. Sostenuto will have a presence on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, as well as having its own website. The potential exists for the project to integrate with established media giants such as VEVO and National Geographic.


    The Americas Chamber Orchestra | Aron Frank (Finalist)

    The Americas Chamber Orchestra (ACO) is a professional chamber orchestra which activates artistry and promotes cultural awareness among its musicians and the communities which they serve, through innovative musical projects. As a performing ensemble of the 21st century, we seek to reimagine the ways in which classical music and other genres are presented before a general public. In doing so, we produce innovative performances which engage communities by drawing upon our cultural surroundings. We believe this is a meaningful path forward for classical music, and that our ensemble will become one of the leading ambassadors in this movement towards reimagining performance. Comprised of musicians at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, ACO was created out of two major needs identified in classical music: a necessity for redefining the way that classical, contemporary, and traditional music is presented before a general public; and a necessity for the professional development of classically-trained musicians currently studying in conservatories.


    Thunder Perfect Mind | Ben Jacob (Finalist)

    The BASILICA Music and Multimedia Performing Arts Organization will present THUNDER PERFECT MIND III: An Ecstatic Celebration of Cycles and Synchronicities in commemoration of the 2020 Autumnal Equinox. This large-scale immersive interactive interdisciplinary installation-performance production will feature performances by musicians, dancers, poets and works by video and ambient sound artists to create a spectacle of sight, sound, words, ideas, and emotions whose synthesis will address profound considerations of such fundamental elements of the human experience as time, being, meaning, community, and cosmic order and chaos. The wide variety of both traditional and experimental performing and visual arts involved will provide the audience with a radically inclusive multicultural multimedia experience whose intensity of contrasts will encourage transcendent reflections on the nature of existence in a forum that is open to all ages and will be free of charge.

    See Ben's Website here: Ben S. Jacob

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