Print Style Guide

Living Music Tagline

The tagline "Living Music" is used sparingly on Jacobs School of Music materials and only in specific situations. If you would like to use the tagline, you must contact the Jacobs Office of Marketing and Publicity to obtain permission and to acquire the art files.

Living Music Tagline

When possible, use the .eps file for best print quality. The .tif file is also acceptable, if using the .eps is not possible.

If you are setting this using type, use Bodoni MT Italic with tracking set at 120pt.


  • Living Music works with music and dance performance, study and research, theory and practice.
  • Living Music asserts an aspirational claim and acts as a manifesto.
  • Living Music suggests the pervasiveness of Jacob's connection to music everywhere.
  • Living Music asserts the importance of music and dance in society.
  • Living Music counters the idea that the canon of works are by composers/choreographers who are no longer alive.


  • The tagline should be used in conjunction with a powerful image that embodies the rational behind Living Music.
  • Living Music should appear subtle when viewed. This should be achieved through size and placement.
  • Living Music should always be quick and clear to read. Placing the tagline on a mostly solid background (light or dark) works best.
  • Living Music does not appear on all Jacobs communications. Its use is chosen on a case-by-case basis.