Business Affairs

Contact Information for JSoM Performance Halls and Rooms

Practice Time Scheduling
  • Scheduler: Keegan Sheehy and Cindy Chen, MU116, (812) 856-8200, musched [at] indiana [dot] edu
  • Begin the process online to apply for unlocked practice rooms:

NOTE: These instructions are for applying from an on-campus computer only.

1.      Go to

2.      Select “Departments, Offices & Services”

3.      Select “Offices & Services”

4.      Scroll down and select: “Practice Time Scheduling Office” link

5.      Login with your IU username and password

6.      Enter your name

7.      Enter your password

  • Before accessing the application from an off-campus computer, first connect to the IU VPN at and follow the instructions. Once connected to the IU VPN, proceed with instructions 1-7 above.
  • Locked Steinway piano practice rooms are reserved for Graduate pianists only.  Please begin the practice room request application by indicating your preferred practice hours and leaving the room field blank.  You should then come to our office with a current University ID to select your practice rooms.
  • Emails sent to any other email address regarding practice time reservations could be delayed.
Performance Halls Scheduling and Ad Hoc Classroom Scheduling
  • Please contact the JSoM Scheduling Office to schedule all ad hoc uses of performance halls and classrooms. Schedulers: Keegan Sheehy and Cindy Chen, MU116, (812) 856-8200, musched [at] indiana [dot] edu
    • Emails sent to any other email address regarding recital scheduling and hall reservations could be delayed.
  • Ad hoc reservations in halls can be made 2 weeks in advance by registered students in the Jacobs School of Music. Emailed requests are preferred. Please use your IU email account. It is officially recognized by the University.
    • In your request, include the following:
      • In the email subject line, please include the date(s) you would like to reserve
      • Start and end time, or length of desired time
      • Reason for use of the room
      • Number of people who will be using the room
    • Please note: a 1-hour dress rehearsal can be scheduled more than 2-weeks in advance, for an approved recital. 
    • Rooms will be reserved according to availability and as close to the requested time. Specific room requests will be honored if possible.
    • Performance halls are Auer Hall, Ford-Crawford Hall, and Recital Hall.
  • There is a reservation limit of 2 hours per day, and 6 total hours within a 7-day period. per student and/or group, for halls and classrooms.
  • Hall and classroom space must be claimed within 15 minutes of assigned time.