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Locker Policy

Student Locker Information

Lockers are only issued to IU Jacobs School of Music students at this time. We are short on lockers, but working on places to install more. Please make sure you really need a locker before requesting one. We will do our best to provide you a locker that will suit you best. When you can share with a fellow student, please do so.

All combinations are kept secured and at any time your locker needs to be repaired we send two workers to do it. If we need the locker to be emptied, we will notify you ahead of time. If you have any problem with your locker, please contact Music Facilities at somfac [at] indiana [dot] edu and we will do our very best to help you. Thank you!

Locker Request Dates

Renewals - beginning first Monday after Spring Break.

New requests for Summer - three weeks before the end of Spring semester, Fall - three weeks before end of Summer sessions.

All lockers are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, so your prompt response might be the difference in whether you get a locker or not.

Please fill out the Locker Contract Form or email somfac [at] indiana [dot] edu and include all the information that is listed in the contract form. You will be e-mailed with your locker assignment and combination at the beginning of the semester. It is very important that you list all the details of your instrument for proper size selection of your locker. .

What Else Should I Know?

Lockers are assigned based on instrument size and availability. Lockers are located in the Musical Arts Center, Music Annex, Merrill Hall, and the Simon Center.

Tuba and bass lockers are handled by the Instrument Rental Office.

Upon rental and during use, report any damage or needed repairs to Music Facilities somfac [at] indiana [dot] edu. If your locker door does not open or shut properly, do not force it and report it immediately.

Lockers will not be issued unless Student ID Number is provided. (NOT Social Security Number)

Any falsified information in requesting your locker will result in the loss of your locker.

Locker Rules and Fees

Lockers are University property, rented to students for $34.50 per semester (summer rentals are for all summer sessions). We will charge your bursar account for the rental and the cost of any damages incurred during the time the locker is assigned to you.

A lock is issued with the locker. At no time are you to replace it with a personal lock. All personal locks will be cut off and your bursar account will be charged a penalty fee of $20.

Do not keep perishable food items in your locker. If complaints of foul odors are reported, we will remove the items and a $20 penalty fee will be charges.

If we have to remove items from the locker at the end of the rental period a $35 storage fee will be charged. Music related items not claimed after 60 days will be made available - free to music students in Clouse's lounge, all other materials will be sent to Ballantine Hall.

Your Bursar account will be charged a $35.00 storage fee if you leave personal items after the rental period ends. Music related items not claimed after 60 days will be made available free to music students in Clouse's Lounge, all other materials will be sent to Ballantine Hall - lost and found. You may request to recover your items before the 60 day period ends or renew the locker and be charged the current semester fee.

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