The Jacobs School of Music urges students, faculty and staff to avail themselves of the health and safety-related services, activities and information provided by the School and by other units and offices on the Bloomington campus. The URLs below link to websites and publications that offer basic information about the maintenance of health and safety within the context of practicing, performance, teaching and listening. This information is generic and advisory in nature. It is not a substitute for professional medical judgment.

The Jacobs School offers classes designed to help prevent the physical injuries common to performing musicians:

  • Classically Trained Fitness offers free, non-credit, weekly classes in the Jacobs School that provide specific training for musicians to reduce repetitive stress and help prevent performance related injuries, by focusing on corrective posture, core strength and fitness. More information and schedules are available here.
  • MUS F540, Postural Alignment for the Musician  
    This is a graduate-level, credit-bearing course. Biomechanical integration of the muscular and skeletal systems to promote a balanced and supported posture for all musical activities. Centering and relaxation skills. No more than two credit hours of course enrollment may be counted toward the diploma music course requirement, or towards the graduate outside area or minor.