International Vocal Ensemble

Zulu Gumboot Dancing

In 2009, the IVE performed a concert of South African (Zulu) gumboot dancing

Choral Audition Information

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Meeting Times

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:50 in Sweeney Hall


Katherine Strand
Phone: 812-856-5015
Email: kstrand [at] indiana [dot] edu

Auditions: Required

The International Vocal Ensemble (IVE) learns and performs vocal repertoire from outside the western art tradition by:

  • meeting with natives and scholars of each culture to learn repertoire,
  • singing in the native language of each culture and from memory,
  • developing appropriate vocal and musical skills to reproduce each culture's music.

In this ensemble:

  • we honor the pedagogical traditions of each culture by learning through the instructional strategies used by each culture (which may mean learning music through a variety of aural, visual, and notation models),
  • we discuss and explore a variety of healthy vocal styles,
  • we approximate vocal quality and placement music of each culture's music by listening to vocal models and working together to develop appropriate vocal skills
  • we honor each culture in learning their music as accurately as possibly with respect and appreciation,
  • we explore the music and aspects of the culture from which our repertoire is drawn and the milieu in which the music is originally performed.