Department of Woodwinds

Study Note Guide

• Include dates and musical stylistic period
• Place of birth and important residencies during life
• Musical training, including major teachers and musical
• Family and other historical influences
• Musical output and other important works for oboe

Period Style
• Include some broad characteristics of music during the time
   period which the piece was composed

Composer’s Style
• Describe the composer’s style
• Include any unique compositional techniques

Work: Overview
• Give a brief description of the work
• Include date composed, information about the premiere,
   dedications, and reason for composition

Work: Analysis
• Give a brief analysis of the work, including all movements
• List the form, key, tempo, meter and any defining
   characteristics of the movement
• Note the excerpts and write about difficulties and how you
   might solve these

• Listen to, and describe at least two recordings per piece
• List the artists involved, metronome marks, general
   observations about the oboist and the recording in general