Department of Strings

Guidelines for the Kuttner Quartet Competition

  1. The Jacobs School of Music String Department will hold a competition to determine the recipients of the Kuttner Quartet designation, an ensemble whose residency will encompass the following academic year; i.e., the following Fall and Spring semesters. The competition will normally take place on the last Saturday of the Spring semester. Exact time and location will be provided in advance.
  2. The competition is open to all currently enrolled violinists, violists, and cellists of the JSoM. Each member of the quartet must be eligible for further studies at school. Each member must plan on being registered for the Fall semester.
  3. Entry to the competition must be declared and group membership information sent to Simin Ganatra ( of the Pacifica Quartet.
  4. The repertoire requirements will consist of three contrasting movements (from three separate pieces) from the string quartet literature. These must include one work written before 1815, one work written between 1815 and 1915, and one written from 1915-present.
  5. The competition will be judged by all available members of the String Department. The winner of the competition will be the group that receives the highest score among the voting faculty. There will be an alternate group selected as well.
  6. If, for any reason, one member of the winning group is not enrolled the following Fall semester, any member change is subject to faculty approval. If two or more members are not enrolled the alternate group will become the Kuttner Quartet.
  7. The winning group will be excused from orchestra for the academic year and a stipend awarded to each member of the group. It is expected that the group will rehearse not less than six hours per week.
  8. The winning Kuttner Quartet must perform at least one full length program on campus each semester.
  9. The Dean of the JSoM, in consultation with the Chair of the String Department, may ask further service of the Quartet for special events of the JSoM.
  10. The winning Kuttner Quartet will be given the opportunity for a Chicago debut recital on the Music in the Loft series, a professional concert series in Chicago. All expenses will be paid, as well as a fee given for the concert. The concert will take place in January of the Spring semester.