Department of Strings

Examination Instead Of Second Recital


It is required that the double bass performance major (BM) play not only a standard senior level degree recital, but also a rigorous orchestral repertory examination – both projects presented sometime during the junior and senior years.

This examination should test the candidate’s ability to perform in a simulated professional audition situation. The criteria for grading should be the evidence and level of preparation for the exam as demonstrated in the playing. The composite grade of the panel will be the exam (recital) grade. A grade of B or better must be earned to pass.

The panel consists of a five-member group. Three faculty members are from the String Department and two from related orchestral departments such as Conducting, Woodwinds, Brass, etc. The teacher of record may be present, but will not give a grade or comment on the performance. The examination does not entitle the candidate to be eligible for Performance Certificate nomination. The senior recital, however, does entitle the candidate to be eligible for PC nomination.

The procedure for the examination is as follows:

Duration of exam – 30 minutes. Two solos of choice, contrasting in style and tempo (may be taken from the orchestral repertoire). Standard excerpts from the following work and/or movements: Mozart: Symphony 35, movements 1, 4, or Symphony 40, movements 1, 4. Beethoven: Symphony 5, movement 3; Symphony 9, movement 4. Strauss: Don Juan and Einheldenleben. Brahms: Symphony 2, movements 1, 4. Remainder of time with standard orchestral excerpts of candidate’s choice. All the above to be presented from memory. Deliberation of panel.