Piano Department

Secondary Piano Program

Acceptable Proficiency Repertoire

Graduate Woodwind majors are required to play a woodwind accompaniment.  Preapproved accompaniments will be posted here.

Voice majors are encouraged to play an accompaniment: preapproved accompaniments are here.

(All taken from Vol. 17, Music for Millions: Easy Classics to Moderns, edited by Denes Agay. This book is available from the TIS bookstore. Pieces not listed below should be verified at the Secondary Piano Office for acceptability)

The following pieces are suitable for items N1 or N2 of the undergraduate proficiency requirements, or item 8 of the graduate proficiency requirements:

Kabalevsky, Dmitri

  • In the Country, p. 147
  • Scherzo, p. 146
  • Toccatina, p.140

Köhler, Louis

  • Chromatic Polka, p. 102

Kullak, Theodor

  • Cradle Song, p. 86

Miakovsky, Nicolas

  • Fugue in Classic Style, p. 126

Prokofieff, Serge

  • Tarantella, p. 132

Schubert, Franz

  • Four Ländlers, p. 77 (number 4, or any other two)
  • Waltz in B Minor, p. 70
  • Tchaikovsky, Peter  
  • Reverie, p. 110

Villa Lobos, Heitor

  • Circle Dance, p. 150
  • Constante, p. 149

The following are all pieces which are minimally acceptable. The examiners will expect a very polished, up-to-tempo performance of these pieces.

Clementi, Muzio

  • Sonatina in C, p. 66 (first or third movement)

Schmitt, Jakob

  • Sonatina, p. 62

Schubert, Frank

  • Allegretto, p. 78

Finally, here are a few favorites which are NOT acceptable:
Bach, Joh. Seb

  • Minuet in G, p. 13
  • Musette in D, p.15 
If you wish to perform a piece not listed above, please check at the Secondary Piano Office (JS204) to verify its acceptability well before the proficiency test. We love to answer all proficiency questions.