Piano Department

  • Start with MUS-Z110 or MUS-Z 710

Based on your answers, the best class for you is probably MUS-Z 110 (MUS-Z710 if you are a graduate student). As you have selected this class using a web-based tool, please be aware that, once we see you in the class situation, it may be necessary to change your level, incurring drop/add fees in the process. To be absolutely sure that this is the right class for you, please call 855-9009, or email secpiano@indiana.edu.

MUS-Z 110 (2 cr/. 1 hr/wk):

This course is intended for those students who have passed MUS-P 130, or students at an advanced level who have previously studied piano formally for several years. Instruction in this course is one-on-one with a private instructor in a weekly lesson. Material covered in this course is individually determined by the instructor to match the student's musical and technical needs. Our instructors are graduate students who have achieved a high level of performance and teaching ability in Classical Piano. Students who register for this course will be assessed the Applied Music Fee.

MUS-Z 710 (2 cr/. 1 hr/wk):

See MUS-Z 110. Graduate students who would like to take secondary piano should enroll for this course instead of for MUS-Z 110.