Piano Department

  • Start with MUS-P110

Based on your answers, the best class for you is probably MUS-P 110. As you have selected this class using a web-based tool, please be aware that, once we see you in the class situation, it may be necessary to change your level, incurring drop/add fees in the process. To be absolutely sure that this is the right class for you, please call 855-9009, or email secpiano@indiana.edu.

MUS-P 110 (3 cr. hybrid course: 1 hr/wk online, and 2 hrs lab):

This course is taught with a lecture component online, and with twice-weekly laboratory sessions in a classroom/piano laboratory environment, and is intended for those who have NO keyboard background. Students who previously have formally studied piano should enroll in a higher-level course. The student achieving a passing grade in this course will be able to:

  • perform pieces involving use of both hands simultaneously, within a limited range.
  • play simple pieces in a variety of keys.
  • execute major scales starting on white notes (both hands together)
  • play five finger patterns (pentascales) starting on any note.

Theory covered in this class includes finger numbers, note reading, rhythm, dynamics, legato/staccato, key signatures, intervals, and rests.