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The following courses are offered by the Organ Department. Please check with the department for a list of offerings each semester. The letter "P" identifies those courses that have prerequisites.

Organ Performance Lessons

MUS  Q100 - Undergraduate Elective/Secondary Performance Study (2 cr.)
MUS  Q400 - Undergraduate Major Performance Study (2-6 cr.)
MUS  Q700 - Graduate Elective Performance Study
MUS  Q800 - Graduate Minor Performance Study
MUS  Q900 - Graduate Major Performance Study

Organ Performance Masterclasses

MUS  I500 - Performance and Composition Masterclass (0 cr.)
MUS  I500 - Sacred Music Practicum (0 cr.)

Organ Performance Recitals

All recitals are eligible for deferred (R) grading. Consult department chairperson for repertoire requirements.

MUS  I407 - BME Senior Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I409 - BSOF Senior Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I411 - B.M. Junior Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I412 - B.M. Senior Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I611 - Performer Diploma Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I711 - Master's Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I911 - Artist Diploma Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  I921 - Artist Diploma Chamber Music Recital (0 cr.)
MUS  Q601 - Doctoral Organ Recital (1-1-1 cr.)
MUS  Q608 - Doctoral Organ/Choir Practicum

Organ Department Courses