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Janette Fishell

Organ Department Chair
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General Information about Organ Admissions

All students interested in applying to the Jacobs School of Music should inquire with the Office of Music Admissions and Financial Aid, which can supply detailed information about application procedures and deadlines, audition repertoire requirements, campus visits, specific audition dates, etc.  Additionally, students are encouraged to contact a member of the organ faculty directly to schedule a pre-audition visit and/or lesson, or simply to find out more about the organ department.

Auditions are generally held on three weekends (Thursday-Saturday) during the spring semester: once each in January, February, and March.  In extreme circumstances, recorded auditions by CD are permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Audition information for incoming students

Repertoire for all degrees: Three works from contrasting historical periods (pre-Classical, preferably a work by Johann Sebastian Bach, Romantic, and Contemporary) and style (balancing virtuosic works with at least one expressive piece).  Because preparation time is limited on the audition instrument (C. B. Fisk, Op. 135) it is advisable to bring repertoire that is easily registered.

Time limit: Auditions are thirty minutes in length, but within that period the faculty panel will hear repertoire and conduct a brief sight reading test, so be prepared to play 25’-28’ minutes of music. If one wishes to bring a longer program be prepared to shorten at least one work as requested by the faculty (e.g., two movements of a Bach trio sonata, without repeats, rather than all three movements).

Memorization:  Is encouraged but not required for auditions into any of the degree programs.

Diagnostic testing of other keyboard skills: Sight-reading in both homophonic and contrapuntal textures, with pedal, are required for all degree programs.

Practice time and audition location: All auditioning students receive one hour in MA407 (Fisk duplicate console), one hour on C.B. Fisk, Opus 135 in Auer Hall (location of audition) and additional hours, as needed, on third floor practice organs in the Music Annex.  Students will be scheduled for their first hour of practice on the Fisk duplicate console in MA407, an exact copy of the Auer Hall C.B. Fisk, Opus 135 console, and can use the USB memory stick provided to auditioning students by IU for the weekend so that registrations can be set on MA407, allowing most of the practice time in Auer Hall to be given to practice rather than registration.  Each memory stick has 32 memories. The specification of the Fisk, Opus 135 can be downloaded from this website.

Assistants:  Auditioning students may ask the person of their choice to turn pages but all registration should be accomplished by the performer.

Scores:  It is not necessary to provide scores for the faculty.

Meeting: All auditioning students should plan to attend an informational meeting with the faculty held in MA 406 on Friday at noon of every audition weekend. Parents, significant others and friends are welcome.

Lessons with faculty: Contact faculty directly to arrange a conference or lesson, provided free of charge during audition weekends.

Hospitality Room and Social Events with JSOM organ students:  The JSOM organ students and Bloomington Chapter AGO invites auditioning students to stop by MA406 on audition days for light refreshments and conversation with students. Further, informal dinners are often organized on audition weekends. Look for announcements from the Chair or departmental Graduate Assistant (GA) regarding events during your audition weekend.