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Fall 2017
  • August 25 [no colloquium]
  • September 1 David Rugger, "Do you Nomi?"
  • September 8 Diana Matut, Guest Lecturer, Musicology Department; co-sponsored by Borns Jewish Studies Program, “Henekh Kon: Beyond the Dybbuk”
  • September 15 [no colloquium]
  • September 22 Johanna Frymoyer, “Metrical Phase Shift and Dance Topics in Stravinsky’s Ballets”
  • September 29 CANCELLED
  • October 6 [Fall Break, no colloquium]
  • October 13 Michael Bane, “Armida/Armide: Act 2, Scene 5 of Lully and Quinault's Armide (1686) and the Rewriting of Tasso in France”
  • October 20 Giuliano Di Bacco, “Representing Music Documents in Digital Format. An Introduction to the Music Encoding Initiative”
  • October 27 [no colloquium]
  • November 3 Massimo Ossi, "Italian Style and Schütz as Agent of Cultural Transfer" 
  • November 10 [AMS in Rochester, no colloquium]
  • November 17 Giovanni Zanovello, “Heinrich Isaac and the Vernacular Soggetto Equivoco
  • November 24 [Thanksgiving Break, no colloquium]
  • December 1 Professional Development Series: Misti Shaw, “Opportunities to Apply the Information Literacy Framework in the Music History Classroom”
  • December 8 [no colloquium]
Spring 2017
  • January 13: Phil Ford, “Style as Analysis”

  • January 20: No colloquium

  • January 27: David Rugger, “Alfred Deller, the Countertenor Voice, and English Masculinity” 

  • February 3: Massimo Ossi, “‘What does your lordship want the music to do?’ Representation, Mimesis, and Instrumental Music in the Early 17th Century”

  • February 10: Giovanni Zanovello and Kate Altizer, “#Latergrams” 

  • February 17: Michael Bane, “Divergent Vocal Performance Practices in 17th-Century Paris”

  • February 24: Elizabeth Stoner, “Mousike, Barbarized: Anti-Democratic Sentiments in Athenian Musical Writings”

  • March 3: Judah Cohen, “The Wave: Translating a Social Experiment into Youth Musical Theater”

  • March 10: TBD

  • March 17: No colloquium (Spring Break)

  • March 24: Professional Development Session: “Developing/Preparing an Article for Publication in a Scholarly Journal” (Daniel Melamed)

  • March 31: Halina Goldberg, “Chopin’s Oneiric Soundscapes and the Role of Dreams in Romantic Culture”

  • *April 5: James Webster (Cornell University), "Haydn's Sonata Theory"
    Note that this event is part of the Music Theory Colloquium Series, which takes place at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in M 267.
  • April 7: Ayana Smith, “Giovanni Giacomo Komarek, a Publisher near the Trevi Fountain”

  • April 14: Katie Chapman, “The Resonance of Borrowed Melody in Troubadour Song”

  • April 21: Anne Lake, “Deducing Moriarty: BBC's Sherlock and the Musical Acousmêtre” 

  • April 28: Devon Nelson, “Joseph Ritson's Ancient Songs (1790)”

Fall 2016
  • August 26: No colloquium

  • September 2: Kirby Haugland, "A Question of Influence: John Adams and Charles Ives"

  • September 9: Daniel R. Melamed, "How did 'Aus Liebe' get to be so slow?"

  • September 16: Johanna Frymoyer, "Octatonic and Ombra: The Russian Supernatural as a Musical Topic"

  • September 23: Judah Cohen, "American Interfaith Musicology, 1880: G. S. Ensel and the Publication of Ancient Liturgical Music"

  • September 30: Elizabeth Elmi, "Written and Oral Practice in Late-Quattrocento Neapolitan Song"

  • October 7: No colloquium (Fall Break)

  • October 14: Molly Ryan, "'Our enemies are gathered together': The Politics of Motets in the Newberry Partbooks"

  • October 21: Patrick Domico, "Charles Ives's Substance"

  • October 28: Effie Papanikolaou, Musicology Department Lecture Series

  • November 4: No colloquium (AMS/SMT in Vancouver)

  • November 11: No colloquium (MA Exam informational meeting)

  • November 18: No colloquium (Ostiglia Program informational meeting)

  • November 25: No colloquium (Thanksgiving Break)

  • December 2: Daniel Bishop, "The Occult Soundtracks of Guy Maddin"

  • December 9: No colloquium

Spring 2016
  • January 15: Massimo Ossi, "Madrigals in their Place: Intertextuality in Italian Madrigal Books"

  • January 22: No colloquium

  • January 29: Hyun Joo Kim, "Interpretive Fidelity to Gypsy Creativity: Liszt's Representations of Hungarian-Gypsy Cimbalom Playing"

  • February 5: Phil Ford, "Practice and the Self: Findings from the M. C. Richards Papers"

  • February 12: Elizabeth Stoner, "'Technology Graced with Humanity': Ivor Darreg's Megalyra"

  • February 19: Christine Kyprianides, "Music and Politics on the London Stage: St Martin's Hall, 1850-1867"

  • February 26: Molly Ryan, "Music, Spirituality, and Reform after the Sack of Rome"

  • March 4: J. Peter Burkholder, "From Improvisation to Symphony: Charles Ives as Organist and Composer"

  • March 11 (Society for American Music in Boston): No colloquium (Musicology Department Lecture Series)

  • March 18 (Spring Break): No colloquium

  • March 25: Professional Development Event: "The Faculty Hiring Process: How It Works and How You Work It"

  • April 1: Jillian Rogers, "'Si douce et si cruelle': The Paradox and Persistence of Corporeal Memory in Nadia Boulanger's Work of Mourning"

  • April 8: No colloquium (Musicology Department Lecture Series)

  • April 15: Mollie Ables, "Giovanni Legrenzi and the Chiesa Santa Maria della Fava in Venice"

  • April 22: Katie Chapman, "Crusaders or Invaders?: Troubadour Song and the Albigensian Crusade"

  • April 29: Daniel Rogers, "A Reevaluation of Musical Imitatio in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries"

Fall 2015
  • August 28: No colloquium

  • September 4: Ayana O. Smith, "Specularity, or, What a Comet, the Telescope, and Mirrors Have to Do with Seventeenth-Century Italian Opera"

  • September 11: Judah Cohen, "Can a Cantor Do a Wedding?: Debates Over the Legal Status of American Jewish Musical Clergy, 1924-1964"

  • September 18: Virginia Whealton, "Imagining a Nationalist Future through Polish Music: Franz Liszt's F. Chopin"

  • September 25: Giuliano Di Bacco, "Philipoctus de Caserta: The Authority of a Myth"

  • October 2: Elizabeth Elmi, "Poetry and Song in Aragonese Naples: Written Traces of an Oral Practice"

  • October 9: No colloquium (Fall Break)

  • October 16: Giovanni Zanovello, "'You Will Take This Sacred Book': The Musical Strambotto as a Humanistic Gift"

  • October 23: Alison Mero, "'Genius, Power, and Originality' or 'Stolen Wholesale': The Concepts of Originality and Plagiarism in the Criticism of Two English Romantic Operas"

  • October 30: Claudio Vellutini, "Donizetti and Viennese Cosmopolitanism"

  • November 6: No colloquium (CMS in Indianapolis)

  • November 13: No colloquium (AMS in Louisville)

  • November 20: Kate Altizer, "An Ethics of Musical Attention: Toward a Philosophy of Interspecies Musicking"

  • November 27: No colloquium (Thanksgiving Break)

  • December 4: Daniel R. Melamed, "Two Sanctus Settings by Johann Christoph Altnickol" (SEM in Austin, Texas)

  • December 11: No colloquium

Spring 2015
  • January 16: Halina Goldberg, “Descriptive Instrumental Music in 19th-Century Poland: Genre, Context, and Performance”

  • January 23: No colloquium

  • January 30: Tomas McAuley, “What Is Music and Philosophy?”

  • February 6: Giovanni Zanovello, “Renaissance Humanism and Music 5.0”

  • February 13: Marysol Quevedo, “Beyond Afrocubanismo: Cuban Classical Music Composition, 1940-1959”

  • February 20: No colloquium

  • February 27: Derek Stauff, “The Political Context of Schütz’s ‘Saul, Saul was verfolgst du mich’”

  • March 6 (Society for American Music): No colloquium

  • March 13: Professional development event: Musicology on the Internet

  • March 20: No colloquium (Spring Break)

  • March 27: Christopher Lynch, “Broadway at the Metropolitan Opera House: Producing Opera in the 1940s”

  • April 3: Lynn Hooker, “‘Gypsy Music’ as Labor in Twentieth-Century Hungary”

  • April 10: J. Peter Burkholder, “A Listener’s Companion for Ives”

  • April 17: No colloquium

  • April 24: Nathan Landes, “Clowns Are Not Metal: Performance, Identity, and Representation in Heavy Music”

  • May 1: TBA
Fall 2014
  • August 29: No colloquium

  • September 5: No colloquium

  • September 12: Judah Cohen, “Liturgical Music and Generational Change: Debbie Friedman’s Early Career”

  • September 19: No colloquium

  • September 26: Christine Kyprianides, “John Hullah and the Advancement of Musical Literacy in Victorian Britain”

  • October 3: Professional development event: “Careers Beyond the Academy”

  • October 10: No colloquium (Fall Break)

  • October 17: Phil Ford, “We Are Our Demands: Occupy Wall Street and Sound Practice”

  • October 24: no colloquium

  • October 31: Lisa Cooper Vest, “Shades of Cultural Backwardness: Negotiations between Composers and the State in Communist Poland 1955-1958”

  • November 7: No colloquium (AMS/SMT in Milwaukee)

  • November 14: Kelly Christensen, “Musical Court Culture in ‘The Merchant of Venice’”

  • November 21: Kristina Muxfeldt, “Schubert’s ‘Wehmuth’ and ‘the famous bass’”

  • December 5: Dan Bishop, “Sex, Sin, and Sound in the Dream Factory: Imagining Old Hollywood in the 1970s”

  • December 12: Daniel Rogers, “The Voice of No-Body in Steffano Landi’s La morte d’Orfeo

Spring 2014
  • January 17: Halina Goldberg, “‘On the Wings of the Beautiful Towards the Radiant Spheres of the Infinite’: Maskilic Views on Liturgical Music in 19th-Century Warsaw”

  • January 24: No colloquium

  • January 31: Professional development event—“Get a Job!”

  • February 7: Daniel R. Melamed, “Did J. S. Bach’s Listeners Analyze?”

  • February 14: Marcin Konik (Jagiellonian University), "Cosmology of 16th-Century Music Treatises"

  • February 21: Professional development event—“Get a Grant!”

  • February 28: Molly Ryan, “The Motet and Savonarolan Spirituality in Florence, ca. 1530”

  • March 7 (Society for American Music meeting): No colloquium

  • March 14: Matthew Leone, “Albert Lortzing’s Szenen aus Mozarts Leben: A Reading of Mozart’s Myth and Music”

  • March 21 (Spring Break): No colloquium

  • March 28: Ayana Smith, “Specularity: La forza della virtù (Venice, 1693) and the Reflected Gaze”

  • April 4: Laura Stokes, “Felix Mendelssohn’s Deutsche Liturgie and
    the Medievalist Political Imagination”

  • April 11: Giovanni Zanovello, “Jacobetus, Marchetus, Perinus, and Other Little Ones: For a Small-Men Music History of the Padua Cathedral”

  • April 18: Virginia Whealton, “Henri Herz’s Mes Souvenirs de Voyage en Amérique and Mes Voyages en Amériques: Autobiographical Self-Fashioning within the Genre of Travel Literature”

  • April 25: Marysol Quevedo, "Experimental Music for the People: Avant-garde Composition in Post-1959 Cuba"

  • May 2: Information session on the MA Exam

Fall 2013
  • 30 August:  Special presentation: Giovanni Zanovello et al., "The Ostiglia Project, Year 2"

  • 6 September: Phil Ford, "Dig"

  • 13 September: Michael Long, "Hearing Josquin Hearing Busnoys"

  • 20 September: Judah Cohen, "Berlin Stories: A Tale of Four Musicals"

  • 27 September: Derek Stauff, "Psalm 83, Confessional Strife, and the Leipzig Convention of 1631"

  • 4 October: Lynn Hooker, "Educating Gypsy Musicians: The Rajkó Ensemble in State Socialist Hungary"

  • 11 October: Professional development event "Dissertating"

  • 18 October: Fall Break

  • 25 October: Tomas McAuley, "Roll Over, Wackenroder: Friedrich Schlegel¹s Place in Musical Thought c. 1800"

  • 1 November: Nik Taylor, "Performance History of Georg Philipp Telemann¹s Musicalisches Lob Gottes (Nuremberg, 1744)"

  • 8 November: No colloquium (AMS Pittsburgh)

  • 15 November: No colloquium (SEM Indianapolis)

  • 22 November: Special presentation: Giuliano Di Bacco et al., "New Initiatives at the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature"

  • 29 November: Thanksgiving break

  • 6 December: Paul Killinger, "Sonic Self-Marginalization in Top-40 Country Music"

Spring 2013
  • 11 January:  Daniel R. Melamed, "J. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio and the Jews"

  • 25 January:  Dana Barron, "Johannes Lupi and the English Masses in Trent 87 and 92"
  • 1 February:  Michael Long, "Kenneth Anger and the Fabric of Film Music"
  • 8 February:  Halina Goldberg, “Nationalizing the Kujawiak and Constructions of Nostalgia in Chopin’s Mazurkas”
  • 15 February:  Professional Development Series:  "Tweeting Musicology:"
  • 22 February:  Lisa Vest, "The Polish Composers’ Union as Arbiter between Individual Authorship and Collective Style"
  • 1 March:  Carolyn McClimon, "The 19th-Century Reception of J. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio"
  • 8 March:  Dan Bishop, "The Sounding Spaces of Nostalgia in The Last Picture Show and American Graffiti"
  • 22 March:  Giovanni Zanovello, "Plainchant and the Liturgical Identity of the Servants of Mary"
  • 29 March:  Peter Burkholder, “Style Contrast as a Formal and Expressive Device in Early Music”
  • 12 April:  Kristina Muxfeldt, "Schubert's Freedom of Song, if not Speech"
  • 19 April:  Kerry O'Brien, "Steve Reich and Technology in the 1970s"
  • 26 April:  Virginia Whealton, "Franz Liszt: The Virtuoso Musician as Travel Writer"
Fall 2012
  • 24 August:  Special presentation:  The Ostiglia Project

  • 31 August:  [CHMTL Conference]

  • 7 September:  Phil Ford, "Mailer's Sound"
  • 14 September:  Alison Mero, "John Hullah and Charles Dickens's 'Decidedly English' Opera"
  • 21 September:  Profesional Development Series:  Research Travel
  • 28 September:  Timothy Freeze, "Mahler's Untimely Romanticism:  On the Musical Contexts for Mahler's Wunderhom Style"
  • 5 October:  Ayana Smith, "Images and Imagination in Lully's Tragédies en musique"
  • 19 October:  Judah Cohen, "Imagine This: Musical Theater, Narrative Confluence, and the Problems of Representation"
  • 26 October:  Professional development series: Surviving Musicology Conferences
  • 16 November:  Lynn Hooker, "Sándor Lakatos, Gypsy Musicianship, and the Modern 'Folk Orchestra' in Stalinist Hungary"
  • 30 Novemberl: Amanda Sewell, "Copyright and Its Effect on the Musical Style of Sample-Based Hip-Hop"
Spring 2012
  • 13 January:  Prof. J. Peter Burkholder,“Stylistic Heterogeneity and Topics in the Music of Charles Ives”

  • 3 February:  Prof. Daniel R. Melamed, "Multi-Day Passions and J. S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio BWV 248"

  • 10 February:  Professional development: Proposing a conference paper
  • 17 February:  Prof. Robert Green, "Charles de Janon and the Guitar Music of 19th-Century America"
  • 24 February:  Professional development: Applying for fellowships and research grants
  • 2 March:  Derek Stauff, "Polemical Broadsheets and Lutheran Music in Saxony during the Thirty Years’ War"
  • 9 March:  Prof. Judah Cohen, "Zimrath Yah: A New Source for Understanding Jews and Music in the Late 19th Century"
  • 23 March:  Laura Dallman, "Leonard Bernstein and Orchestral Space"
  • 30 March:  Giuliano Di Bacco, "A Motet in Honor of Thomas Becket and Other Unknown Music in the Fragments Paris 22069"
  • 6 April:  Kerry O'Brien, "Early Minimalism and the Multimedia Magazine"
  • 13 April:  Christine Kyprianides,"Music in the Charles Dickens Periodicals"
  • 20 April:  Sherri Bishop, "Arcadelt's Primo libro: A Case Study in 16th-Century Attribution Practices"
  • 27 April:  Prof. Giovanni Zanovello, "Dear Brother Antonio: Preparing a Visit to the Annunziata Archive"
Fall 2011
  • September 9:  Prof. Massimo Ossi, "Monteverdi's Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi (1638): An Overview" 

  • September 16:  Prof. Matthew Balensuela,"Conflicting Strategies of Management and Memory at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in the Early 1930s"

  • September 30:  Prof. Timothy Freeze, "Becoming Klezmer: Stylistic Reference in the Funeral March of Mahler's First Symphony"

  • October 7:  Prof. Phil Ford, "Lounging"
  • October 14:  Prof. Alison Altstatt, "Recovering a Lost Office for St. Blaise: An Investigation of Tenth-Century Compositional Process"

  • October 28:  Prof. Ayana Smith, "Deceiving the Eye and Pleasing the Ear, Part 2: Alessandro Scarlatti's La Statira"

  • November 4:  Visitor, details to be announced

  • November 11:  AMS San Francisco

  • November 18:  Visitor, details to be announced
  • November 25:  Thanksgiving Break
  • December 2:  Amanda Sewell, "Leda and the Swan and Arcadelt’s Il bianco e dolce cigno"

Spring 2011
  • February 4:  Prof. Halina Goldberg, "Chopin's Albumblätter: Conventions, Contexts and Texts"
  • March 4:  Prof. Giovanni Zanovello, "'Countenance Italienne' and Liturgy in Heinrich Isaac's Missa Misericordias domini"
  • March 11:  Jir Shin Boey, "Self-Reflexivity and the Decivilizing Process in the Keyboard Variations of J.P. Sweelinck"
  • March 25:  Professional Development Series:  Getting Control of Dissertation Data
  • April 1:  Jonathan Yaeger, "The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and gesamtdeutsche New Music"

  • April 8:  Rika Asai, "Music in Radio Drama: Death Valley Days and Dr. Christian"

  • April 15:  Dan Bishop, "Sounding History in Arthur Penn's Bonnie and Clyde"

  • April 22:  Amanda Sewell, "On 'Sampling' as Term and Concept in Popular Music"

  • April 29:  Prof. Massimo Ossi, "Sense and Sexuality in Early Modern Music"
Fall 2010
  • September 10 Paul Killinger, "Cover Songs as Autobiography, Credentials, Commodity, and Play in Country Music
  • September 24  Prof. Phil Ford, "John Benson Brooks:  The View from Way Out"
  • October 1   Mollie Ables, "Structure and Context of the Musica Spirituale (1586)"
  • October 8   Prof. Judah Cohen, "Anne Frank, Copyright, and the Politics of musical Adaptation"
  • October 15   Prof. Ayana Smith,  "Deceiving the Eye and Pleasing the Ear in 17th-Century Rome"
  • October 22  Lisa Vest, "Educating Audiences, Educating Composers: The Polish Composers’ Union and Upowszechnienie"
  • November 5 [AMS Indianapolis]
  • November 12    Prof. Kristina Muxfeldt, "Happy and Sad: Robert Schumann's Art of Ambiguity"
  • November 19    Prof. Daniel R. Melamed, "J. S. Bach, J. G. Walther and the Music of Palestrina"
  • December 3    Prof. J. Peter Burkholder, “Toward a Typology of Musical Borrowing"
Spring 2010
  • 15 January: Jonathan Shull, "Music Theory and Ethics in Book III of Kepler's Harmonices mundi libri V"
  • 22 January: Kerry O'Brien, "Early Steve Reich and Techno-Utopianism"
  • 29 January: Prof. Ayana Smith, “Catharsis and Character in Handel’s Rodrigo (1707)"
  • 5 February: Prof. Phil Ford, "Ellington the Entertainer"
  • 19 February: Christine Kyprianides, "Dance, Music, and Magic in Late Valois France"
  • 26 February: Prof. Giovanni Zanovello, "High Learning and Frottola in a 1496 Paduan Manuscript"
  • 12 March: Alisa White, "Modern Tradition: Blue Note's Image and the Blues"
  • 26 March: Elizabeth Elmi, "Music in the Commedia dell'Arte and Monteverdi's Venetian Operas"
  • 2 April: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Skindapsos, Pandoura, and Trichordon: Hellenistic Lutes?"
  • 9 April: Sherri Bishop, "The Evolution of the Printed Madrigal Book, 1538-80" and Alison Mero, "Musical Diversity in Victorian English Opera"
  • 16 April: Molly Ryan,“Heinrich Isaac’s Motets and the Manuscript Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, II.I.232”
  • 23 April: Prof. Daniel R. Melamed, "Madama Brillante and Le nozze di Figaro"
Fall 2009
  • 18 September: Halina Goldberg, "Authorship, Originality, and Intertextuality in Liszt's Six polonais de Fr. Chopin"
  • 5 September: Mollie Ables, "Wild Side: Self-Styling and the Aesthetics of Metal in the Music Videos of Mötley Crüe"
  •  October: Lewis Rowell, "Musicology in India: Traditions, Methods, and Problems"
  •  October: Laura Weber, "The Fate of Musica mundana within the Aristotelian Revolution of 13th-Century Paris"
  • 6 October: Marysol Quevedo, "Cuban Cold War Cultural Exchanges: Negotiating Local Identity within an International Context
  •  November: Lynn Hooker, "Bartók's 'Nature Music,' Ecomusicology, and the Hungarian Tradition"
  •  December: J. Peter Burkholder, “Borrowing, Reminiscence, or Coincidence?: Testing the Evidence"
Spring 2009
  • 16 January: Amanda Sewell, "Toward a Theoretical Perspective of Nerdcore Hip-Hop"
  • 23 January: Laura Weber, "Gender Reversal in Handel's Alcina"
  • 6 February: Giovanni Zanovello, "Gift Transactions and the Circulation of Music in Late 15th-Century Florence"
  • 6 March: Halina Goldberg, "The Jewish Self/The Jewish Other: Performing Identity in the 'Majufes'"
  • 13 March: Katherine Baber, "The Jazz Trope, Identity, and Community in Leonard Bernstein's Symphony No. 2"
  • 27 March: Milner Fuller, "Chorus or Soli: Performing Beethoven's Sanctus"
  • 3 April: Derek Stauff, "The Thomaskirche East Gallery Organ and the St. Matthew Passion"
  • 17 April: Katherine Axtell, "Redemption on the Mississippi? Der fliegende Holländer and Show Boat"
  • 24 April: Gabriel Harkov, "A Narratological Approach to the Music of Platoon's Summary Ending"
  • 1 May: Dan Bishop, "Silent Film Music and the Aesthetics of Humor"
Fall 2008
  • 12 September: Phil Ford, "What Is the Sound of Revolution? The Auditory Imagination of the American Radical Left"
  • 9 September: Jonathan Yaeger: "Back in the Day: Historicism in Recent Black American Popular Music"
  • 6 September: Kunio Hara, "The Structure of Nostalgia in Puccini's Operas"
  •  October: Luiz Lopes, "Performing Villa-Lobos Abroad: The Dissemination and Reception of His Music in the United States (1923-59)"
  • 0 October: Robert Green, "Aristophanes, Rameau, and Platée"
  • 7 October: Professional Development Series: Musicology in the Age of Facebook
  • 4 October: Daniel R. Melamed, "Johann Sebastian Bach and Barthold Heinrich Brockes"
  • 1 October: Professional Development Series: Proposing and Delivering Conference Papers
  • 4 November: Kristen Strandberg, "'Une véritable consécration': Revisiting the Question of Chopin's Influence on Gottschalk"
  • 1 November: Massimo Ossi, "Looking for Precedents for Vivaldi's Le Quattro stagioni"
  •  December: Judah Cohen, "The Bass Jew: Shylock on the Opera Stage"
  • 2 December: Kristina Muxfeldt, ""Franz Schubert and the Culture of Viennese Censorship: Alfonso und Estrella"
Spring 2008
  • 11 January: Halina Goldberg, "Chopin's Late Fantasia Pieces within the Context of Nineteenth-Century Fantasia Genres" 
  • 18 January: Hans Tischler, "A Report on the Earliest Polyphonic Art Music"
  • 1 February: J. Peter Burkholder, "Music of the Americas and Historical Narratives"
  • 29 February: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "'Perfuming the Air': The Heyday of the Theatre Organ, 1918-1930"
  • 4 April: Alison Mero, "Quinario and the Buffa Character in the Libretti of Lorenzo Da Ponte"
  • 11 April: Randy Goldberg, "Clerics vs. Cavaliers: Early Investigations into the Zarlino-Galilei Controversy"
  • 18 April: Nik Taylor, "A Meditation on Peter's Denial in J. S. Bach's Passions"
Fall 2007
  • 7 September: Robert Green, "Schubert and the Hurdy-Gurdy: 'Der Leiermann' as a Love Duet"
  • 21 September: Ayana Smith: "Image as 'Truth' in Alessandro Guidi's L'Endimione and Gianvincenzo Gravina's Discorso (Arcadia, 1691)"
  • 5 October: Ann Shaffer: "Composing the North: Environmental Themes in the Works of John Luther Adams and R. Murray Schaefer"
  • 19 October: Phil Ford, "The Holmes Acetates: Hearing and History"
  • 16 November: Massimo Ossi, "The Bard, the Warrior, the Lover, and Their Women in Monteverdi's Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi"
  • 7 December: Sherri Winks, "Marketing and the Madrigal: A Typology for Venetian Madrigal Collections, 1530-1560"
Spring 2007
  • 12 January: Daniel R. Melamed, "Pulling Loose Threads in 'Nun ist der Herr zu Ruh gebracht' BWV 244/67"
  • 19 January: Todd Decker (University of California at Los Angeles), "'You play and I'll dance.' 'No, you dance and I'll play.': Fred Astaire's Solos (1933-1968)"
  • 26 January: Larry Hamberlin (Middlebury College), "Poor Butterfly: From Puccini Opera to Jazz Standard"
  • 2 February: Jane Fulcher, "Romanticism, Technology, and the Masses: Arthur Honegger and the Allure of French Fascism"
  • 9 February: Kristen Strandberg, "Understanding 9/11 Memorial Concert Programs through Reception History"
  • 16 February: Phil Ford (University of Texas at Austin), "Jazz Exotica and the Naked City"
  • 23 February: Professional Development Series: "The Student-Centered Classroom and Active Learning"
  • 2 March: Lisa Vest, "Issues of Gender, Voice, and Politics in K. Penderecki's Opera The Devils of Loudon (1968)"
  • 23 March: Malcolm Brown, "A Centennial Perspective on Shostakovich"
  • 30 March: Katherine Baber, "Jazz as Trope in the Music of Leonard Bernstein"
  • 6 April: Kunio Hara, "Puccini's use of Rudolf Dittrich's Nippon Gakufu in Madama Butterfly"
  • 13 April: Massimo Ossi, "Venus in the House of Mars: Martial Imagery in Monteverdi's Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi (1638)"
  • 20 April: Brent Reidy, "Our Memory of What Happened Is Not What Happened: Cage and the Power of Myth"
  • 27 April: Sheryl Zukowski, "Fantasy of Modernism: Mahler's Conflicted Hermeneutics and Contemporary Musical Understanding"
Fall 2006
  • 8 September: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Music, Aesthetics, and Cosmology in Early Neo-Platonism"
  • 29 September: Halina Goldberg: "Phrase Structure of Chopin's Early Works in Light of Józef Elsner's Instruction"
  • 6 October: Professional Development Series 1: "Tools for Teaching: The Freshman Learning Project"
  • 20 October: Christine Kyprianides, "The Emasculated Violoncellist: A Victorian Gender Stereotype?"
  • 27 October: Matthew Nisbet, "The Tabley House Lute Book"
  • 1 December: Rika Asai, "Music to Foster Goodwill: Consolidated Edison and Echoes of New York"
  • 8 December: Alisa White, "'We insist! Freedom now': Max Roach's Transatlantic Civil Rights Imperative"
Spring 2006
  • 13 January: Robert Green, "Recent Research Concerning the Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France"
  • 20 January: Dale Chapman (Bates College): "Twilight at Birdland: Tin Pan Alley and Cultural Politics in John Coltrane's 'I Want to Talk about You'"
  • 27 January: John Howland (Rutgers University): "'Jazz' with Strings: Between Jazz and the Great American Songbook"
  • 3 February: Kristina Muxfeldt, "The Fairy Tale and the Censor: Schubert's Der Graf von Gleichen (an Opera for Posterity)"
  • 10 February: Annie Randall (Bucknell University): "Transatlantic Dialogues: US Pop in Europe ca. 1965"
  • 24 February: Jonathan Yaeger, "Music, Science, and Philosophy in al-Farabi's Great Book of Music"
  • 3 March: Jane Fulcher, "From Hybrid to Metamorphosis: Poulenc's Path to Symbolic Resistance and Musical Counter-Discourse during Vichy"
  • 24 March: Travis Yeager, "The Earliest Known Liturgy of St. Emmeram at Regensburg: New Evidence from the Lilly Library N.B.: TheMarch colloquium will be held in the Lincoln Room, Lilly Library
  • 7 April: J. Peter Burkholder, "Richard Strauss and the Survival of Tonality"
  • 14 April: Ayana Smith, "Queen Christina, Aesthetics, and Italian buon gusto: L'Endimione and Arcadian Reform"
  • 21 April: Phillip Kurasz, "On the Transmigration of Ives: Understanding Adams through Ives"
Fall 2005
  • 9 September: Lynn Hooker, "Hungarian Music or Gypsy Music? An Old Question Revisited"
  • 23 September: Jeffrey Magee, "Irving Berlin, Jazz, and Broadway in the 1920s"
  • 30 September: Professional Development Series 1: "Career Opportunities for Musicologists"
  • 7 October: Daniel R. Melamed, "The Evolution of 'Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel wär' BWV 80/5"
  • 21 October: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Reconstructing the Greek Aulos"
  • 11 November: Katherine Baber, "Deliberation, Pragmatism, and Democracy in the Music of Charles Ives"
  • 2 December: Professional Development Series 2: Topic to be announced
  • 9 December: Alisa White, "From Running the Changes to Motivic Manipulation: The Evolution of Lee Morgan's Improvisational Style"
Spring 2005
  • 21 January: Robert Green, "Rameau's Platée as Operatic Satire"
  • 4 February: Halina Goldberg, "The Dancing Jew: Assimilation, National Identity, and the majufes"
  • 18 February: Francesco Izzo (New York University), "Verdi, the Virgin, and the Censors: The Cult of Mary in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Italy"
  • 25 February: Sheryl Zukowski, "Discipline of the Ear: Mahler's Operatic Direction and the fin-de-siècle Debate about Hearing and Communication"
  • 4 March: Jeffrey Magee, "Miles Davis and the Blues"
  • 11 March: Kristina Muxfeldt (Yale University), "Music Recollected in Tranquillity: Postures of Memory in Beethoven"
  • 8 April: Hans Tischler, "A Neglected Trouvère Manuscript from Vienna"
  • 15 April: Christopher Holmes, "Conventional Genres and Their Alloys: Benjamin Britten's Symphony for Cello and Orchestra, op. 68"
Fall 2004
  • 10 September: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Ars critica and Fata libellorum The Significance of Codicology to Text Critical Theory"
  • 17 September: Bethany Kissell, "Bernstein's Personal Statement: Jewish and American Identity in the Jeremiah Symphony"
  • 24 September: Daniel R. Melamed, "Did J. S. Bach Perform the St. Luke Passion BWV 246?" 
  • 1 October: Professional Development Series, Topic to be announced
  • 8 October: Joanna Biermann, "How to Compose a Nazi Opera: Werner Egk's Zaubergeige and Peer Gynt"
  • 22 October: Lynn Hooker, "Festivalization and the Carnivalesque in Hungarian Folk Music and Dance Camps"
  • 29 October: Jane Fulcher, "French Identity in Flux: Vichy's Collaboration and Antigone's Operatic Triumph"
  • 5 November: Professional Development Series, Topic to be announced
  • 19 November: Massimo Ossi, "Petrarchian Themes in Monteverdi's Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi."
  • 3 December: Alison Trego, "The Story of Music's Discovery"
  • 10 December: Ayana Smith, "The Mock Heroics of L'Anagilda (Girolamo Gigli and Antonio Caldara, Rome 1711)"
Spring 2004
  • 23 January: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Greeks Bearing Gifts: Byzantine Scribes and Scholars in the History of Music Theory"
  • 30 January: Professional Development Series, "Proposing and Delivering Conference Papers"
  • 6 February: Jeffrey Magee, "'Playing in the Mud': Fletcher Henderson's Band on the Cusp of the Swing Era"
  • 20 February: Massimo Ossi, "Monteverdi and Petrarch"
  • 27 February: Professional Development Series, "Preparing and Submitting Journal Articles"
  • 5 March: Halina Goldberg, "Chopin and the Stammbuch Tradition: Conventions and Contexts"
  • 26 March: Don Fader, "Philippe II d'Orléans's Italian Ensemble, Its Repertory and Influence on French Compositional Style, 1700-1709"
  • 2 April: Professional Development Series, "Writings CVs, Cover Letters, and Applications for Jobs and Grants"
  • 9 April: Hans Tischler, "Rhythmic Variation and Other Elements of Style in Polyphonic Conductus"
  • 23 April: Professional Development Series, "Taking Research from Idea to Publication"
  • 30 April: Lynn Hooker, "Modernism in the Periphery: The New Hungarian Music Society of 1911-1912"
Fall 2003
  • 5 September: J. Peter Burkholder, "Rewriting a History of Western Music"
  • 19 September: Robert Green, "Recent Research on the Air in Late Seventeenth-Century France"
  • 3 October: Daniel R. Melamed, "The Double Chorus in J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion BWV 244"

  • 17 October: Joanna Biermann, "Cyclical Ordering in Beethoven's Gellert-Lieder op. 48"

  • 31 October: Jonathan Shull, "di estro, e di fantasia: Early Classic Concinnity in the Compositional Technique of Domenico Fischietti"

  • December 5: Ayana Smith, "Blues, Criticism, and the Signifying Trickster"

Spring 2003
  • 24 January: A. Peter Brown, "The Reception of Haydn's Keyboard Music" 
  • 7 February: Halina Goldberg, "Belonging through Music: 19th-Century Jewish Participation in the Construction of Polish National Identity"
  • 21 February: Sam Cox, "'A Faltering Step in a Basically Right Direction': Richard Rodgers and All Points West"
  • 7 March: Jeffrey Magee, "'Great Country'? Understanding Irving Berlin's America"
  • 28 March: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "Byzantine Scholarship and Ptolemy's Harmonics"
  • 11 April: Sara Beutter, "Aaron Copland and the Struggle to Maintain Intellectual Integrity"
  • 25 April: Don Fader, "Rules and agréments: Propriety and Rhetoric in 17th-Century French Compositional Theory and Practice"
Fall 2002
  • 20 September: Jane Fulcher, "The Politics of Transcendence: Ideology in the Music of Messiaen in the Thirties"
  • 4 October: J. Peter Burkholder, "A Simple, Comprehensive Model for Musical Meaning"
  • 18 October: Daniel R. Melamed, "Hamburg Passion Music, 1675-1721"
  • 22 November: Massimo Ossi, "Upside Down in Vivaldi's Musical World"
  • 6 December: Peter Schimpf, "Henry Cowell's Ongaku and a Transethnic Basis for the Tone Cluster"
Spring 2002
  • 11 January: Judy Barger, "'Ladies Not Eligible'? Female Church Organists in 19th-Century England"
  • 25 January: David Cannata (Temple University), "Mephisto Incognito!"
  • 1 February: Jeffrey Magee, "Music, Drama, and Race in Show Boat"
  • 8 February: Don Fader, "Philippe d'Orléans and the Origins of the cantate françoise"
  • 22 February: J. Peter Burkholder, "The Organist in Ives"
  • 1 March: Luiz Lopes, "Villa-Lobos's Uirapuru and the Transformations of an Enchanted Little Bird"
  • 8 March: Dexter Edge (University of Memphis)
  • 22 March: Special Presentation on the Challis Biography Project
  • 29 March: Hans Tischler, "The Performance of Two-Part Conductus: A Proposal"
  • 5 April: A. Peter Brown, "The Reception of Sibelius's Symphonic Works"
  • 12 April: Daniel R. Melamed, "Counterpoint (of all things) in Mozart's Abduction"
  • 19 April: Massimo Ossi, "Monteverdi, Marenzio, and Battista Guarini's 'Cruda Amarilli'"
Fall 2001
  • 14 September: Rika Asai, "Hearing the Woman in the Dunes"
  • 28 September: Peter Schimpf, "The Role of Folk and Vernacular Music in the Music of the Second Viennese School"
  • 12 October: Jane Fulcher, "Symbolic Domination and Contestation in French Music: Shifting the Paradigm from Adorno to Bourdieu"
  • 26 October: Jennifer King, "Dueling Madrigals: Monte, Monteverdi, and the Process of Dialogue"
  • 9 November: Bathia Churgin (Bar-Ilan University), "Old Ideas Recycled: Aspects of Beethoven's String Quartet, op. 132"
  • 7 December: Gayle Sherwood, "Charles Ives and 'Our National Malady'"
Spring 2001
  • January 19: A. Peter Brown, "Contexts for Mozart's 'Jupiter' Symphony
  • February 2: Jeffrey Magee, "'King Porter Stomp,' the Birth of Swing, and Jazz Historiography"
  • February 16: Hans Tischler, "The Earliest Extant Italian Music: The Cortona Laudario"
  • March 2: Don Fader, "Aristocratic Politesse and the Reception of Italian Music in Seventeenth-Century France"
  • March 23: J. Peter Burkholder, "Questions of Value: Toward a Unified Field Theory for Musical Scholarship"
  • April 6: Felicia Miyakawa, "Jazz at Night and the Classics in the Morning: Negotiating Tensions between Musical Traditions in African-American Short Stories"
  • April 20: Thomas J. Mathiesen, "The Musical Ambience of the Silent Film in the 1920s"
Fall 2000
  • 8 September: Susan Greene, "'I want you all to hold me up!': Correspondences between Baptist Sermons and Muddy Waters's Early Recordings"
  • 22 September: Jane Fulcher, "Speaking the Truth to Power: The Dialogic Element in Debussy's Wartime Compositions"
  • 6 October: Luiz Fernando Lopes, "A Theory of Style Periods for the Works of Heitor Villa-Lobos"
  • 20 October: Daniel R. Melamed, "The Distribution of Character Roles in J. S. Bach's Passion Repertory"
  • 10 November: Malcolm Hamrick Brown, "Shostakovich Reconsidered Yet Again"
  • 17 November: Massimo Ossi, "'Excuse me, but your teeth are in my neck'--Monteverdi's 'Eccomi pronta ai baci,' and the Kiss in Renaissance Poetry"
  • 1 December: Margarita Mazo (The Ohio State University): Shostakovich: The First American Festival, Recollections of the Widow, and Issues of National Identity