Musicology Department

Faculty Committees

Chairs are marked by asterisks.

  • Admissions and Financial Aid: Ayana Smith*, Daniel Melamed, Phil Ford
  • CHMTL Steering/Advisory Committee: Giuliano Di Bacco (ex officio), Halina Goldberg, Massimo Ossi, Giovanni Zanovello (spring)
  • Colloquium: Halina Goldberg
  • Departmental Awards: Giovanni Zanovello*, Michael Long, Massimo Ossi
  • Development:  Peter Burkholder, Halina Goldberg
  • Graduate Entrance Exam: Phil Ford
  • Language Examinations:
    • French: Halina Goldberg, Ayana Smith
    • German: Daniel Melamed, Kristina Muxfeldt
    • Latin: Ayana Smith
    • Italian and Spanish: Massimo Ossi
    • Polish and Russian: Halina Goldberg
  • Lecture Series: Kristina Muxfeldt
  • M.A. Examination: Massimo Ossi*, Giuliano Di Bacco, Judah Cohen
  • M.A. Reading Group: Phil Ford
  • Minutes: Giuliano Di Bacco
  • Post-doc Screening: Peter Burkholder, Michael Long, Kristina Muxfeldt