Music Theory

Wennerstrom Music Theory Associate Instructor Fellowship

The Wennerstrom Music Theory Associate Instructor Fellowship is an annual award for outstanding achievement as an AI in music theory. The name of the award recognizes Dr. Mary Wennerstrom's decades-long commitment to the teaching and mentoring of future teachers of music theory. Dean Wennerstrom's devotion to music theory pedagogy was recognized with the 2006 Gail Boyd de Stwolinski Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Music Theory Teaching and Scholarship, a prize which enabled the establishment of this award for AIs in the department to which she has devoted her entire career.

Fellowship Recipients
 2019   Leah Frederick
 2018   Zachary Zinser
 2017   Jessica Sommer
 2016   Craig Duke
 2015   Nathan Beary Blustein
 2014   Matthew Boyle
 2013   Diego Cubero
   Margaret Fay, honorable mention
 2012   Mark Chilla
   Gabriel Lubell, honorable mention 
 2011   Garrett Michaelsen
 2010   Timothy Chenette
 2009   Kyle Fyr
 2008   Sara Bakker














Formal Guidelines
  1. A fellowship will be given every April by the music theory department of the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington. Eligible associate instructors should submit an application by March 1 to the chair of the music theory department, either in a bound portfolio or as a single .pdf file sent by email.
  2. Eligibility:
    1. Only doctoral students are eligible for the award.  Students need not be music theory majors to be eligible.
    2. To be eligible, an AI must have completed at least three semesters teaching any courses in the music theory department.
    3. An eligible AI must be in his or her final semester of eligibility as an Associate Instructor in the Jacobs School of Music in the spring semester, or have completed his or her eligibility in the preceding fall semester.
  3. The application should contain the following items:
    1. Curriculum vitae of the individual.  Include degree status at Indiana University
    2. Number of years of teaching at Indiana University; list of specific music theory courses taught (course number, title, and enrollment) and dates for each course.  Include duties in the course (e.g. AI for two written sections, lecturer in a skills course).  If applicable describe other teaching either at Indiana University or elsewhere.
    3. Two- to three-page statement about the individual's teaching philosophy and how it is put into practice.  Include any efforts undertaken to improve teaching and any contributions to course development.  If relevant, include samples of syllabi or course materials.
    4. Complete set of student evaluations for at least two semesters: include a summary sheet (tabulation and averaging of item responses, if relevant) as well as student comments.
    5. Recommendation letters from two people (music theory faculty or supervising instructors) who can speak to the individual's teaching.  Referees should substantiate why the person is qualified for the fellowship by references to specific teaching qualities and activities.
  4. Selection will be made by a committee of music theory faculty members, including the chair of the department. During the selection process, faculty may ask to observe the candidates' teaching. The number of recipients and the amount of the fellowship(s) will be determined by the committee.