Music Theory

T109: Traditional and Online Sections

MUS-T109 (Rudiments of Music) is taken by some students in the Jacobs School of Music as a way of satisfying the prerequisites for T151 (Music Theory and Literature I). T109 is also taken by many non-music majors as an introduction to the fundamentals of music theory.

Students who plan to take T151 but who do not complete Music Fundamentals Online during the summer may take T109 (Rudiments of Music) as an alternate way of satisfying the prerequisites for T151. The content of T109 is similar to the content of MFO

T109 is offered in every fall semester in a traditional classroom setting, and in both the fall and spring semesters as an online class. Because T151 is offered only in the fall semester, students who take T109 during the academic year will be unable to take T151 until the following fall. 

T109 carries General Education Arts and Humanities credit.

Online T109

Online sections of T109 are offered in eight-week sessions during the fall and spring semesters. The primary work in the class is done online, using the Music Fundamentals Online software. Students are required to complete the MFO pretest and all 30 modules.

For security reasons and for the determination of the course grade, students enrolled in online T109 are also required to take two in-person examinations. The course grade is calculated on the basis of completion of the required MFO modules and the grades on the two exams.

There are three mandatory in-person meetings for each online section of T109: an informational meeting during week 1, and the two exams in weeks 4 and 8. For the dates of the required in-person meetings each semester, see the listing for MUS-T109 in the current Schedule of Classes. Otherwise, all work required for the course is done online. The online work is largely self-paced, but students must complete the MFO modules by specified deadlines (listed in the course syllabus) in order to receive credit for them.

Frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions on MFO, T151 prerequisites, T109, and related topics is available here.