Music Theory


Graduate Minor in Music Theory

The minor in music theory must include either T551 Analytical Techniques for Tonal Music (3 cr.) or T556 Analysis of Music Since 1900 (3 cr.), as well as three other courses in music theory numbered T545 or above. A minimum grade of B is required in each course to be counted towards the music theory minor.

Students pursuing a minor in music theory must complete two forms: the Doctoral Minor-Field Proposal form and the Music Theory Minor-Field Representative Request form (which requires a signature of the faculty member who has agreed to serve as the minor-field representative). Electronic copies of these forms can be found at the link below; paper copies are available in the music theory office (M 225H) and in the Music Graduate Office (JS 120). For both forms, the student should fill out the information in the top part of the form and submit it to the music theory office, where the appropriate signatures will be collected. In the event that the courses planned to satisfy the minor should change after the initial submission of the Minor-Field Proposal form, the student should complete a revised form. 

Forms available from the Music Graduate Office website

Students must pass both a written and an oral qualifying exam to satisfy the minor field requirements in music theory.

Minor field exam format
Minor field exam schedule
Course descriptions from the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin