Music Theory


T599 Master's Degree Comprehensive Review

T599 Master's Degree Comprehensive Review is taken during the final semester of enrollment in the master's degree in music theory. It allows the department to assess comprehensively the qualifications of the student for the master's degree. By the third Monday of the semester (normally around January 24 for the spring semester) the student should submit a portfolio containing the following items:

1. One major course project from each of the following categories:

  • Analysis (such as from T551, T555, T556, or possibly T658)

  • Research (such as from T550, or possibly T658)

  • Practical (such as from T565 or T591)

2. A one- to two-page narrative that explains the context for each assignment (which course it was for, what guidelines were given for the assignment, etc.) and provides a brief abstract of each item, including (where appropriate) a rationale for the choice of approach, repertoire, etc.

Each of the submitted projects will normally be the capstone project from the course (the final paper, curriculum project, or fugue). Students should submit clean copies (i.e., without instructor comments). The items may be revised (corrected, updated, expanded) from what was turned for the course.

If circumstances make it difficult for a student to prepare a portfolio according to the requirements above (for example, if both T565 and T591 are being taken in the last semester of enrollment), the student should discuss the situation with the department chair.

The portfolio may be prepared electronically, with all the required parts combined in a single .pdf file, emailed to mustheor [at] indiana [dot] edu. Alternatively, a bound portfolio may be submitted in the music theory office.

If the portfolio is deemed unsatisfactory, the department may ask that one or more items be revised and resubmitted, or that another project (including possibly one from the current semester) be submitted.

For students applying for the PhD, the master's review portfolio will be used (together with the other required application materials) as the basis of the admission decision.