Music Theory


T658 Current Approaches to Musical Meaning: Semiotic, Aesthetic, Postmodern

Visiting Associate Professor Robert Hatten

11:15-12:30 TR Room M263

After setting up a range of issues stemming from essays in Jenefer Roberson's Music and Meaning (principally those by Leo Treitler, Fred Maus, and Anthony Newcomb), we will examine three extensively developed models of musical meaning representing various disciplinary perspectives: semiotic/stylistic (Robert Hatten), philosophical/aesthetic (Roger Scruton), and new-musicological/postmodern (Lawrence Kramer).

The seminar will include lectures, critical discussion of readings, and presentation of short analytical interpretations with critical commentary. A Single final paper (c. 20 pages) will demonstrate (1) deeper research into one or more theories of musical meaning (not limited to the three focal models) directed toward (2) creating, adapting, or extending a theory adequate to the reconstruction of the musical meaning for some style, leading to (3) an application of the theory to the interpretation of some aspects(s) of meaning in a work chosen from that style.

T557 Prerequisites: T550 and T551 or equivalent
Enrollment Limit 10