Music Theory


T561 Art Musics of Asia

Prof. L. Rowell

9:30-10:45 aM TR Room SY100

An introduction to the traditional musics of China, India, Indonesia, Islamic West asia, Japan, Korea, and continental Southeast asia: aesthetic principles, cultural contexts, genres, instruments and ensembles, melody and song styles, performance practices, rhythms, scales, and textures. Genres studied will include solo, ensemble, and orchestral musics; sacred chant; music for the dance; and theater musics. The course will be relatively light on reading, but will make extensive use of audio and video resources. Grading will be based on a take-home midterm examination, and a final examination that will include listening, identification, and style commentary. T561 does not require a reading knowledge of Western staff notation and is therefore open to non-music majors. The course will not use a text.