Music Theory


T561 The Philosophy of Music

Prof. L. Rowell

9:30-10:45 AM TR Room SY100

Semester Topic: Romantic and post-Romantic philosophies of music. The semester will begin with a rapid reading and discussion of the instructor's Thinking about Music and proceed to readings by authors from Goethe, Hegel, and Schopenhauer to Adorno, Asafiev, and John Cage, as well as readings by various composers. Some particular attention will be given to aesthetic issues involving time and musical rhythm. No prior background in philosophy is required. All readings will be in English. Qualified upper-class undergraduate students are welcome. The course will be primarily a discussion course based upon the readings. Grading will be based on class participation, a moderate length reaction paper, and a final term paper.

Text: Rowell, Lewis. Thinking about Music. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1983.