Music Theory


Music Theory Colloquium Series (2018-19)

All events are on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in M 267 unless otherwise noted.
Fall 2018

Wednesday, September 19 
Caleb Mutch (Indiana University), “The Printing Press as an Agent of Music-Theoretical Change”

Wednesday, October 3 
Leah Frederick (Indiana University), “Diatonic Voice-Leading Transformations”

Wednesday, October 17 
Professional Development Session: Negotiating Conferences: Applying, Presenting, Networking

Wednesday, October 24
Nathan Lam (Indiana University), “Relative Diatonic Modality in English Pastoral Music: A Dorian-Mode Case Study”

Wednesday, November 14
Calvin Peck (Indiana University), “‘Lenharmonique and Populist Signification in Revolutionary France

Wednesday, November 28
Jinny Park (Indiana University), “Rhyming Techniques in Korean Hip-Hop”

Wednesday, December 5
Professional Development Session: Applying for Jobs


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