Music Theory


Music Theory Colloquium Series (2013–14)

This page lists colloquium series events for the year 2013–14. See current colloquium series events here.
All events are on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in M 267 unless otherwise noted
Fall 2013

September 4 (5:15 p.m., M 267): Svetlana Sigida (Moscow State Conservatory), “Transformations of American Minimalist Techniques in the Music of Russian Composers” (sponsored by the Departments of Musicology and Music Theory)

September 11: Julian Hook (Indiana University), “Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Music Theory: A Comparative Case Study”

September 25: Robert S. Hatten (The University of Texas at Austin), "Virtual Human Agency in Tonal Instrumental Music: From Musical Forces to Subjectivity"

Monday September 30 (4:00 p.m., Ford-Crawford Hall): Jocelyn Neal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "More than Just a Country Song: Socioeconomic Lessons with a Twang"

October 2: Jocelyn Neal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Who Owns That Song? Copyright Law and the Emergence of the Popular Music Recording Industry"

October 9: Devin Chaloux (Indiana University), “The Synthetic Scale, Space S, and Sonata Form in Charles Griffes’s Piano Sonata”

October 16: Daphne Tan (Indiana University), “Beyond Energetics: Gestalt Psychology and Harmony in Ernst Kurth's Musikpsychologie (1931)”; Kyle Adams (Indiana University), “When does the Present Become the Past? A Re-examination of 'Presentism' and 'Historicism'"

October 23: Richard Cohn (Yale University), "Meter Without Tactus"

Thursday October 24 (4:00 p.m., Ford-Crawford Hall): Richard Cohn (Yale University), "A Platonic Model of Funky Rhythms, or How to Get That Swing"

November 13: Marianne Kielian-Gilbert (Indiana University), "'Perilous Sweetness'—(De)Ciphering Subjectivities in Britten’s Late Works Death in Venice, Op. 88 and Phaedra, Op. 93"

Monday November 18 (5:00 p.m., Lilly Library): Jan Herlinger (Louisiana State University), "Marchetto and Prosdocimo: A Musician and an Astronomer on Music in Medieval Padua" (Details)

November 20 (4:45 p.m., Ford-Crawford Hall): Jan Herlinger (Louisiana State University), "Marchetto of Padua: The Legacy of a Fourteenth-Century Musician and Theorist" (Details)

December 11: Christopher Brody (Indiana University), "Medtner's Adventures in Sonata Space: Form and Intertexts in the Sonatas Op. 22"

Spring 2014

January 22: Professional Development Session, "The Conference Paper from Idea to Proposal to Presentation"

January 29: Frank Samarotto (Indiana University), "The Urlinie, Melodic Energies, and the Dynamics of Inner Form"; Diego Cubero (Indiana University), "In the Process of Dissolving: Examining the Interaction between Syntactic and Statistical Form in Brahms"

February 12: Andrew Mead (Indiana University), "Hi! My Name is Andy and I'm a Sorabji Addict—or—Gradus ad Sorabji"

February 19: Lucy Liu (Indiana University), “Inner Form/Outer Form, and Questions of Ambiguity in the Adagio of Brahms's Opus 111”

March 5: Panel Discussion—Music Theory and Musicology Faculty (Mead, Melamed, Ivanovitch, Ford), "On the State(s) of Our Disciplines"

Monday March 10 (7:30 p.m., M 242): Danuta Mirka (University of Southampton), "In Search of the Historical Listener"

March 12: Danuta Mirka (University of Southampton), "Cadential Schemata and Hypermeter"

March 26: Miguel A. Roig-Francolí (College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati), "From Renaissance to Baroque: Tonal Structures in Tomás Luis de Victoria's Masses"

April 2: Nate Mitchell (Indiana University), "Sharp as a Tack, Bright as a Button: Timbral Metamorphoses in Saariaho’s Sept papillons"

April 16: Jason Jedlicka (Indiana University), "Time as Theatrical Technology: Steve Reich and Beryl Korot’s Three Tales"

April 23: Professional Development Session, "The Dissertation Process"


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