Music Theory

19th Annual IU GTA Symposium Schedule
FridaySaturday, February 1516, 2013
Ford-Crawford Recital Hall, Simon Building
Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

Hosted by the Graduate Theory Association of Indiana University

For more information, please contact Chelsey Hamm (

Friday, February 15th:
2:00–2:15. Opening Remarks

2:15–5:15. Workshop with Steven Rings (University of Chicago)                                                                                           
“Vocal Grain and Meaning: Analyzing Three Performances of Bob Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’”
Workshop assignment can be accessed here.
To participate in the workshop, please contact Jason Jedlicka (

5:15–7:30. Dinner Break

7:30–8:30. Invited Paper Session 1
“Stravinsky’s Passport: The Design and Use of Memorable Chords”
     Mark Yeary, Indiana University

8:30–10:30. Reception at the IMU State Room East

Saturday, February 16th:
8:15–9:15. Breakfast Reception. Lobby of Ford Hall

9:15–10:45. Romantic Traditions
“Motivic Parallelism and Alternative Deep Structure in Brahms’s Piano Quartet Op. 25”
     Galen DeGraf, Columbia University
“Cradle to Grave: The Tragic Berceuse Topic in the Music of Mahler and Busoni”
     Alana Murphy, The Graduate Center (CUNY)
“Compositional Unity through Remote Neapolitan Regions and Vagrant Tonal Spaces in Schoenberg’s Opus 6”
     Andrew Farina, Ohio State University

10:45–11:00. Break

11:00–12:00. Historical Theories Revisited
“Reinvestigating Harmonic Dualism and Underchords”
     Devin Chaloux, Indiana University
“What’s So New About Nova Musica? Ciconia’s Nova Musica and the Medieval Grammar Traditions”
     William van Geest, McGill University

12:00–2:00. Lunch Break

2:00–3:00. Dancing with Analysis
“Analyzing Music and Dance: Tchaikovsky and Balanchine”
     Kara Leaman, Yale University
“A New Level: Elevating Swing Research above the Level of the Eighth-Note”
     Benjamin Geyer, University of Kentucky

3:00–3:15. Break

3:15–4:15. 21st-Century Studies
“Exploring Augmentation in Steve Reich’s Double Sextet
     Jason Jedlicka, Indiana University
“Interval Identification: A Pedagogical Case Study Involving First-Year Aural Skills Students”
     Jennifer Salamone, University of Kentucky

4:15–4:30. Break

4:30–5:30. Invited Paper Session 2
“The Futility of Exhortation: Pleading in Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex and Orpheus
     Gretchen Horlacher, Indiana University

5:30–7:30. Dinner Break.

7:30–9:00. Keynote Speaker
“Tuition for Intuition: Analytical Labor, Mathematics, and Musical Experience”
     Professor Steven Rings, University of Chicago

9:30–11:00. Post-conference reception at The Irish Lion