Music Theory


2012 GTA/GMA Symposium

“Analysis and the Listener” Symposium Schedule
Friday, February 17–18, 2012
Ford-Crawford Recital Hall, Simon Building
Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

Hosted by the Graduate Theory Association and
Graduate Musicology Association
 of Indiana University

For more information, please contact Mark Chilla (mchilla @ indiana . edu)

Friday, February 17th:
2:00–2:15. Opening Remarks

2:15–3:15. Listening Habits
Music Analysis and Enjoyment of Music
     Olga Sánchez Kisielewska, Northwestern University
A Listener’s Perception of Irony in Music: A View from Beethoven
     Janet Bourne, Northwestern University

3:15­–3:30. Break

3:30–5:30. Sonata Workshop with James Hepokoski.
     To participate in the workshop, please contact Ruthie Umthum
     (rumthun @
     Beethoven Scores: Symphony No. 1, Mvt. I (Expo); Symphony No. 2, Mvt. I

5:30–7:30. Dinner Break

7:30–8:15. Invited Paper Session 1.
The Acoustic Mirror as Formative of Auditory Pleasure and Fantasy
     Michael Klein, Indiana University.

8:30–10:30. Reception at the IMU State Room East

Saturday, February 18th:
8:30–9:30. Breakfast Reception. Lobby of Ford Hall

9:30–11:00. Instructions for Listening
A Theoretical Application of Mathis Lussy’s Tripartite Classifications of “Accent” in Chopin’s Nocturne in D-flat Major, Op. 27, No. 2
     Tim Saeed, Louisiana State University
Is Zarlino Overrated? Descriptive Music Treatises and Listening in the Sixteenth Century
     Samuel Brannon, UNC-Chapel Hill
Hearing Improvisation in the French Baroque Harpsichord Prelude
     Steve Grazzini, Indiana University

11:00–11:15. Break

11:15–12:15. Listening to Signs
“Resident Disturbances”: Transcendentalist Symbolism in Ives’s Experimental Songs
     Chelsey Hamm, Indiana University
“I’m a Lot Like You Were”: Politics of Nostalgia in the Retro Audio Signifiers of Arcade Fire
     Erin Smith, Case Western Reserve University

12:15–2:00. Lunch Break

2:00–3:00. Symphonic Listening
Shostakovich’s Eleventh Symphony and the Soviet Listener
     Simon Prosser, Indiana University
Mahler’s Untimely Voice: Transcendental Narrative in the Sonata-Form Movement of the Seventh Symphony
     Heung Fai Lee, The University of Hong Kong

3:00–3:15. Break

3:15–4:15. Listening in Time
Repetition, Vertical Time, and “Stuplimity” in Morton Feldman’s For Samuel Beckett
     Phil Duker, University of Delaware
Radiohead’s Euclidian and Maximally Even Grooves and What, if anything, They Might Mean
     Brad Osborn, DePauw University

4:15–4:30. Break

4:30–5:30. Invited Paper Session 2.
Did J. S. Bach's Listeners Analyze?
     Daniel R. Melamed, Indiana University.

5:30–7:30. Dinner Break.

7:30–9:00. Keynote Speaker.
Gottheit, Silence, Life, and Death in Beethoven’s Heiliger Dankgesang.
     (Score. Optional Readings on Heiliger Dankgesang: Cooper, Huxley, Kerman)
     James Hepokoski, Yale University.