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Jazz Piano Proficiency for Non-pianist Jazz Majors


for Undergraduate and Graduate Non-Pianist Jazz Majors


* page examples are from: Stylistic II/V7/I Voicings for Keyboardists by Luke Gillespie     (available online or from Professor Gillespie or Jazz Piano AI; may be available at TIS Books)

* Voicings: be able to play the following progressions: key circle (p. 18), half-steps ascending/descending (p. 21), whole steps ascending/descending (p. 22).  Practice the dotted quarter/eighth note rhythm that you learned in class, articulating long-short and short-long rhythmic patterns.  Play all requirements at a minimum of quarter note = 100.

I.  Voicings:

●Bud Powell shell voicings (p.14, Ex. 6a & 6b)

●Dropped note voicings (p.29, Ex. 1a & 1c)

●Dropped note altered voicings (p.34, Ex. 13a-c, 14a-c)

●Rootless voicings for both hands (p.36, Ex. 1a, b, OR c; p.37, Ex. 3a, b, OR c)

●Rootless voicings for left hand (p.37, Ex. 5 & 6)

●Rootless altered voicings (38, Ex. 9-10; p. 39, Ex. 16-17)

●Minor ii/V7/I voicings (p.43, Ex. 1a)

●Tritone substitutions (p.54, Ex. 3b)

●Tritone ii-V7 substitutions (p.58: D-7/G7/Ab-7/Db7/C in all keys, using any voicings from list)

●Minor third substitutions (p.59: D-7/G7/F-7/Bb7/C in all keys, using any voicings from list)

● “So What” voicings (p.65, Ex.1)

●Latin comping pattern (handout)

●Blues voicings (handouts: F, Bb, Eb, Ab) – choose either inversion for each key

II.  Repertoire:

Group A – play melody in RH with shell voicings with LH; two-hand comping (choose voicings from list above)

♫ Tune Up

♫ Satin Doll

Group B – two-hand comping only (you may choose any voicings from list above)

♫ Afternoon in Paris

♫ Half Nelson

♫ Groovin’ High

♫ Autumn Leaves

♫ Blues for Alice

♫ Maiden Voyage (using “So What” voicings)

III.  24 hour piece: You will be given a new tune to prepare (melody in RH with chords in LH, and two-handed comping) the day before your exam.  You may choose any voicings from the list above.  Memory not required.