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"Hammer & Nail"
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Student Composer Association

NEW ART NEW MUSIC - October 10th, 6pm, Grunwald Gallery Indiana University – chamber works inspired by and performed at the gallery in front of the art.
DOUBLE EXPOSURE - late February – collaborations between filmmakers, composers, musicians and audio crew, presented at the newly renovated IU Cinema. See samples of collaborative works below.
HAMMER & NAIL - April 23-24th, 6.30pm and 8.30pm, Buskirk-Chumley Theatre – collaborations between composers, and another performance department at IU (2015-16: Organ).

Each year the Student Composer Association is operated by two to three graduate students from the Jacobs School of Music composition department. The officers ensure that the initiatives and projects of SCA are carried out in complement to the existing activities of the composition department. Funding for SCA initiatives is drawn primarily from grants awarded by the IUSA (Indiana University Student Association) and SCA is very grateful for their ongoing annual support. The SCA produces an annual "Hammer & Nail" project, a collaboration between composers and other groups. Past projects have included guitarists & harpists. Since 2005, "Hammer & Nail" has produced collaborations between composers and choreographers from HYPER's modern dance program; the very successful performances have been held at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre in downtown Bloomington. The SCA also assists in bringing guest composers to campus and hosting receptions for prospective students.

Past Double Exposure Collaborations

Wreaths Of Violet from IU Composition Coordinator on Vimeo.

Austin Criner, Filmmaker
Louis Goldford, Composer

Grief Stricken from IU Composition Coordinator on Vimeo.

Russell McGee, Filmmaker
Ryan Chase, Composer

Cyrus from IU Composition Coordinator on Vimeo.

Mark Totte, Filmmaker
JunYi Chow, Composer