Composition Department

Qi Li, Current BM Student

Music Diary (2014)
for soprano and chamber ensemble


Full Score

Program Notes

This is a piece for entertainment. Have some fun! :) - Qi Li


1. Gossip!!!

      Girls always love gossip!!!
      Gossip always loves girls.

2. Sleepy Rehearsal

      i e a o u...

3. Dawn

      m mu mo ma

4. Bloomington Bus Driver

     Bloomington bus driver
     Drudging through the day
     He turns to sing to alleviate his monotonous grind!
    "College mall! Hunter ridge! Psychology!!!"

     Maybe he sings for himself,
     Maybe for the other riders,
     Maybe for me.

     But still I laugh
     When he sings:
     "College mall! Hunter ridge! Psychology!!!"

- Text from daily life, by LI, Qi, Sven-David Sandström, Aaron Travers, and Ian Clarke 


Born in 1990 in Beijing, China, LI Qi is a senior majoring in composition at Jacobs School of Music, currently studying with Sven-David Sandström. Recent activities include performance of Music Diary in the Composers Conference at Wellesley College, Music Composition Summer Program with Samuel Adler in Berlin, performance of guitar quartet Night Walk in Italy, and performance of harp solo piece Zemeng Boat in the Midwest Symposium. LI Qi has recently received awards from Indiana University Hutton Honors College and full-tuition fellowship for Composers Conference at Wellesley College.