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The Music of Jeffrey Hass

Three Easy Recipes (2015)

Jeffrey Hass, music and video
Duration: 7:16 minutes/seconds 

1. Over Easy
2. Jellofish
3. Fantasy Fruit salad

Program Notes:

Three Easy Recipes is a short music video that took on an interesting new life as I discovered 3D rendering software (Cinema 4D) and particle systems (Trapcode Suite) after years of working with flat video only.  It was terrific fun to produce as I discovered the amazing visual transformations one could confer upon eggs, Jello-O and fruit.  The project was, in fact, a technical etude in preparation for a more serious work for contemporary dance-based video and music.  In my later years of a career primary spent in music composition, both electronic and acoustic, the new tricks this dog has learned have renewed the old feelings of being humbled by a strange, marvelous and complex technology where one has barely scratched the surface.  Special thanks to my wife Sandi for being both chef and hand model.

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