Composition Department

Three Etudes for Piano and Electronics

Kati Gleiser, piano

1. Fire Drill

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2. Frogs

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3. Sporks

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Three Etudes (2013) for piano and fixed media was written for pianist Kati Gleiser. The first and third etudes are in perpetual motion, driving and breathless by the end. Both make use of a monophonic line, whose compound jumps, twists and turns create ever-shifting implied meters and accent patterns. Fire Drill features the attention-getting low-battery warning of a smoke detector that interrupted my composing. Frogs is more vertical and amphibiously croaky in structure. The last etude features non sequitur accompaniment and disjunct piano writing which ultimately coalesce. Like the dual approaches unified into one strange utensil, it is entitled Sporks. Available on Music from SEAMUS Vol. 23.

Canadian pianist, composer and singer Kati Gleiser has performed at the Kennedy Center, on NPR and appeared on an earlier Music from SEAMUS CD.  She completed her doctorate at Indiana University in 2014 under the world-renowned pianist/pedagogue Menachem Pressler and returned from teaching at FaceArt Internations in Shanghai. 

Audio Engineer: Mark Hood, Indiana University

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