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The Music of Jeffrey Hass

The Music of Jeffrey Hass
Coming to Light

for dance, video projection and digital sound
Performance: January 12, 2006 Ruth N. Halls Theatre, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 
Duration: 22 minutes

Music: Coming to Light, Jeffrey Hass (b. 1953)
Choreography: Elizabeth Shea
Scenography and Lighting Design: Robert Shakespeare
Costume Design: Linda Pisano
Costume Construction: Quinto Ott
Oboe (IV. Gathering the Light): Nancy Hass

Dancers: Ricardo Alverez, Jamie L. Dowd, Stephanie Lampe, Kelly McCormick, Meghan McGuire, Abigail Rich, Amanda Tanguay, Justin Zuschlag

I. Spider Woman Awakes
II. Lost
III. Trapped
Interlude--Through the Matrix
IV. Gathering the Light

"The Spider Woman is she who creates from a central source, and one day she will pull all of creation back to that source. Her web represents a shining matrix of spiritual, human, and ecological relationships that have too often become invisible in contemporary life. It is said that when Spider Woman returns, the world will enter a new age." -Native American Legend

This piece was supported in part by a grant from the New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Program, Office of the Vice President for Research, Indiana University.

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