Composition Department

John Gibson

Associate Professor

Director, Center for Electronic and Computer Music

MP3 Recordings and Videos

edgewater, audiovisual (2017)

In Flight, chorus and electronics (2015)

Red Plumes, cello and electronics (2011)

The Widening Gyre, large ensemble and electronics (2011)

Driptick, electroacoustic (2010)

Blue Traces, piano and electronics (2009)

Wind Farm, laptop ensemble (2009)

Out of Hand, trumpet, trombone, and electronics (2008)

Elements, audiovisual (2006)

Slumber, electroacoustic (2006)

Thrum, electroacoustic (1998)

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John Gibson
 composes electronic music, which he often combines with instrumental soloists or ensembles. Originally a composer of purely acoustic music, he retains in his electronic work an obsession with harmonic color and rhythmic pulsation, along with a timbral sensitivity born of his early years as a rock guitarist. His music embraces influences ranging from contemporary classical to jazz, funk, and electronica.

Gibson’s portrait CD, Traces, is available on the Innova label, along with other recordings on the Centaur, Everglade, Innova, and SEAMUS labels. Audiences across the world have heard his music, in venues including the D-22 punk rock club in Beijing, the Palazzo Pisani in Venice, and the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. Presentations of his electroacoustic music include concerts at the Seoul International Computer Music Festival, the Bourges Synthèse Festival in France, the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, the Australasian Computer Music Conference, and many ICMC and SEAMUS conferences.

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